December 15, 2016

Bring back velvet overalls.

Sometimes I just want to ask clothing designers what kind of person they think wears a turtleneck. I guess they're kind of coming back into fashion, but I don't get it. I vividly remember wearing turtlenecks as 90's child, but I think I was fashion forward enough even then to shy more towards the mock-turtleneck. Even still, who wears a mock-turtleneck? Most of mine back then were velvet and had distinctive outfits. Like my velvet floral one that I wore with my purple velvet overalls. I also had a lime green mock-turtleneck velvet dress. My bff had one too, and we wore matching lime green hair claws with them. (What were those claw things even called? Whenever I see someone wearing one I wonder if they know it's not the 90's anymore. Then I feel mean.)

So yeah, I'm fashion savvy. Which explains why I decided it was a good idea to wear patterned maternity leggings to work today. To be fair, last time I was pregnant I wore leggings almost every day to work and this time around I only wear them once a week or so. I'm just pushing the fashion envelope again. It's too bad they aren't velvet. Or colourful.

After today, I have nine days left of work. This is hard to wrap my head around. In 16 days I will be waking up unemployed and rocking out in my sweatpants/leggings when I'm feeling fancy. Because that's what the stay at home me wears.

I've been working full time this week, so we need to get out of the house a good hour earlier than usual. This usually means waking Parker up to change him and throw him in the car, then picking him up 10 hours later. This morning he was not feeling the routine and he cried all through getting dressed and ready to go. I can relate. There's nothing worse than getting woken up to go outside into -36 weather. I almost cried in the car after I dropped him off (he was fine once he was in the car, but I got some good snuggles going into the babysitter's) but that might have had to do with not having time to eat breakfast this morning. I'm so looking forward to a lazy January at home with him.

I used to say that hot showers have healing powers. This is probably still true, but Christmas trees and lights seem to have the same affect on me. I'm looking forward to a weekend of wrapping gifts, seeing Star Wars, and cleaning out the closet in baby's room. Then, when I'm tired of it all, I'll sit in front of the tree and just soak up the goodness of it. In my sweatpants. Probably listening to this playlist.

This year I had grand aspirations of making sugar cookies and then letting chaos reign and decorating them with Parker. My cookie recipe was too crumbly to cut into shapes, though, so I ended up making bars with it instead. There's always next year. I am okay with this. Especially since it takes a fraction of the time to smoosh cookie dough into a pan than it does to use cookie cutters.

Last year Christmas cookies stressed me out, especially when my ginger snaps all turned into bricks and I gave them to the neighbours anyway. This year I pounded out three different recipes and some rum balls in three evenings, while working full time. I'm not sure what my deal was last year, but I dominated it this year. And no, I didn't eat the rum balls, but I wanted to. There's always Easter. And when I delivered the cookies to the neighbours last night I promised they were better than last year's, so please keep shoveling our sidewalk.

And, to finish things off, I thought I would share with you how busy I've been at work this week. I took a nap, watched The Crown (all ten episodes) and The Santa Clause 3 (it was better than I expected), fixed a hole in my pocket, finished a baby blanket, knit newborn booties, and made a cowl, decided I didn't like it, and ripped it all out. The joys of being a phone-answering warm body. If I were wearing my sweatpants and sitting in front of my Christmas tree it would be perfect.


  1. I wear turtlenecks sometimes...I have a few. But they don't look like 90s turtlenecks so I think it's all good?

    Want to come do some Christmas baking for me? I have sent either cookies or jam to the neighbors every Christmas since we moved into our house, but I'm not feeling it this year at ALL. I was going to do a bunch of Christmas candy but then I have to cook for a work potluck on Monday and go to Isaiah's work party on Monday night and the neighbors don't really ever appreciate it anyway so whatever.

    I wish I could do all that at work on my slow days without getting in trouble! If I brought a crochet project to work and sat in my office working on a blanket all day, I'd get a nice talking to about how I'm not getting paid to do all that, haha.

  2. You are a baking superhero. Gracie will not let me do any cooking/baking without throwing the world's biggest tantrum because I'm not giving her my undivided attention. By the time she goes to bed, I'm too worn out. Though I do need to do lots of baking next week so I have goodies to take to Iowa.

    I remember having a candy cane turtleneck (also one with glittery gold music notes) and a green velvet jumper to wear over it. The 90s were kind to no one. Except tv.

  3. You are a baking rockstar that's for sure!

    1. Thanks, Jen! Sometimes everything falls together and it just feels so right.

  4. I never had much in the way of velvet clothing, but I certainly did have a handful of those striped knit turtle neck sweaters in high school. I'm actually wearing one in my favourite school photo.

    I wish I had more excuses to bake. I don't care enough about my neighbourhood to make stuff for my neighbours, but I did make a bunch of cookies to give all the young moms in our church. Oh, and there's somebody else who has labelled one of my cookies as her most favourite ever, but I'm keeping that recipe a secret, so I made a bunch for her. And then soft ginger snaps for myself. Because yum. But I want to bake more!

    I wish I had a job so I could be lazy.

    1. I totally thought you were going to say you were wearing it right now. Disappointing.

      I only baked for the neighbours right next door. One shovels our sidewalk and the other ones are friends.

      If only!

  5. I just bought a mock turtleneck from JCrew. I mean, it has to be at least kind of in style if they have them, right?

  6. Your holiday sounds so much less stressful than ours is going so far! This week we're making a different kind of cookie every day for the neighbors. I skipped it last year and everyone still soldiered on somehow, though, so maybe it's okay if we don't actually get around to it...


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