December 09, 2016

Thoughts on pregnancy #2.

Preparing to have two children 20 months apart means that I will have been pregnant for 18 out of 29 months. (It was very difficult to do that math, let me tell you.) I'm currently on month 16 out of 27. That's like 60% of my life for two and half years. I'm basically a saint.

Things that are different: 

- I don't have to pee as much. I have clearly jinxed that, but so far I can still function like a normal person and am even making it through the entire night without getting up. I KNOW. In other words, I think baby girl is sitting higher than baby boy was. I have mixed feelings on this because this kid's emotional due date is February 2nd (the day my dad comes) but her official one is February 7. Parker was early (obviously you want to read about it here, just get a cup of tea and a snack first) so I'm optimistic this one will be, too. She's not sitting as low, but is still fairly down there. In my brain round two will go exactly like round one except a bit faster. My water will break in an embarrassing location, I'll get induced, get super drugged up, then giggle my way through delivery. And then I'll eat chocolate cake, sushi, and have my first cup of coffee in months. 

I didn't think I was going to be able to see the new Star Wars in theaters because of the whole baby on bladder pressure thing. I'm happy to report that we already have our tickets and reserved seats for next Saturday's afternoon showing. It's less than 2 1/2 hours long so I'm feeling pretty good about my odds. The last time Karl and I went to the movies together was in January to see The Force Awakens. We're due.

- I seem to be able to function on less sleep now than last time. 8 hours a night and I'm dancing in the morning. I suspect that round two with a newborn will knock me on my backside, but our bodies are crazy things. And I'm going to have cake in the fridge. 

- I don't think about it as much. This is probably an obvious one, but with your first you have so much downtime to think and obsess about what's coming and you're so much busier with your second. I don't come home from work and sit in silent contemplation over what my future holds. Instead I chase a half naked toddler around while trying to change his diaper. I can wait for her to come. I'm excited, but 8 1/2 weeks until D-Day and I'm in no hurry. 

- I briefly considered a birth photographer this time. Then I looked at what kind of photos they actually take and NOPE. 

My sister-in-law had a doula that took some amazing photos, but I just don't think I'm into that for myself. After seeing some photos of other women labouring, I'll stick with the iPhone pictures the nurse takes for us afterward. I'm good.

- I'm not as gassy this time. I felt and sounded kind of like a slowly deflating balloon when I was pregnant with Parker. This time I can be in a room with polite company and not have to worry about offending anyone. Girl power.

Things that are the same:

- The urge to buy baby clothes, apparently. I'm having a hard time letting go of some of the super cute boy things we have. My daughter will not need to wear ultra feminine clothing at all times, but I suspect items that say "tough guy" might not be entirely gender appropriate. My son wears polka dot leggings, though, so don't think I put too much stock in this stuff. Trust me, he knows he's a boy.

I'm going to buy used lots of girl stuff off VarageSale. I suspect that people will buy us some ultra cute things as gifts. Who doesn't like shopping for little girls? Give me all the florals and polka dots and frilly bums please. Why don't they make women's clothing with frilly bums? How darling would that be on a pair of leggings? Bye, bye underwear lines.

- I still worry. I don't think that ever goes away. Parker was a hiccuper. I'm not sure when it started, but I'd get the hiccups in my pelvis every day. I loved it. He was also a kicker. This kid is a roller and a shaker. She doesn't kick me that often, but I can feel her rolling around in there like a synchronized swimmer, and she does this weird thing where my belly kind of vibrates spastically. I think she's going to be an interpretive dancer.

Speaking of dancers, Parker will dance if you ask him to, or if he hears Mumford and Sons. It's like he's doing the Haka. I die every time.

It's hard to believe that the only two tiny humans to ever live in my uterus are so different. Without even being born I can tell they're different so of course that makes me worry. That's the thing about parenting though, you are never ever ever going to stop worrying.

- I get excited about the prospect of being a normal size again. This time it's less about being able to wear my normal clothes (sweaters and sweatpants don't really discriminate during pregnancy) but more about being able to maneuver my way around the house and not run into things. 

- I just want to eat eat eat. Thank you, Christmas, for providing me with the opportunity to eat even more than I usually would. After my breakfast of leftover bean cake from last night's Christmas party I weighed myself this morning and am officially the heaviest I have ever been in my life. I still fit my clothes, so let's just roll with it. Pass the cookies.


  1. The thought of having a birth photographer totally freaked me out haha.

    1. I like the idea of nice photos of baby right after birth, but everything is just so... terrifying.

  2. Yeahhhh when we have kids, I will not be hiring a birth photographer either. I don't need some stranger up in my hoo-ha when I don't think I even want my HUSBAND down there during birth. They say all modesty goes out the window, but I know myself.

    It is funny how completely different (or completely identical) siblings can be. My mom loves to tell me that before I was born, I kicked her CONSTANTLY and was just constantly moving around. Then, as a child, I was the kid who hid in her room and read books all day and loved to be left alone. My sister, on the other hand, didn't move around a whole lot before she was born, but grew into the most rambunctious, hyperactive, can't-sit-still kid. I guess you just never know how they're going to turn out!

    I'm so glad you'll get to go see Star Wars! I'm not even that excited about this one (side stories don't really interest me all that much) but I was a little bummed that you weren't going to get to go. We're going on Christmas Eve, per tradition.

  3. Where am I at? Something like 33 out of the past 66 months? Will be 36/69. Isn't that how many months an elephant gestates for?

    I feel like an odd woman out, in that I don't feel pressure on my bladder like a lot of pregnant women. I don't think I feel the need to pee any more often than regularly. And I also don't feel my babies all up in my ribs and lungs. Benefits of having a slightly larger build perhaps??

    I think the one appealing thing about having a birth photographer is the beautiful, dreamy photos of the first moments with baby. Those are pretty special. So maybe a "post birth photographer" would be nice. They can come in right as the dr. catches the baby and capture everything waist up from then on. Well, maybe not the first latch. But maybe??

    I don't understand why you liked the hiccups. They're my least favourite kind of movement from within. So annoying! Thankfully this little girl has control over her diaphragm so far. I love that I can see movements now. I just wish the boys had patience to sit and watch them with me.

    1. Ha! You're basically an elephant, except with four children instead of just one.

      Never complain about that. You were clearly made to have children.

      I agree that post-birth photos would be perfect.

      I liked the hiccups because they were a nice "all is well" reminder. Parker still doesn't understand that there's anything other than a belly button under my shirt.

  4. "Then I looked at what kind of photos they actually take and NOPE." Hahaha that made me laugh!

  5. I'm not down with the idea of someone taking pictures of all of that either. I'm sure they get some amazing photos but it's just not for me.

    I'm super jealous of your ability to make it through the night without getting up to pee but glad you get to go to the movies!

  6. The main reason I never considered a birth photographer is because I just need one less person in the world who has seen me spread eagle. My mom took pictures, and I looked like a bloated, beached whale. I was literally grimacing in pain in every single one. I think it took me three months to smile again.

  7. My friend and I who both have 6 kids were trying to figure out between pregnancies and breastfeeding, how many times we've actually had periods in the last decade. Not many. We call it the No Egg Left Behind program.


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