Oh, hey. I'm Anna.

My husband Karl and I went through a life transition a couple years ago that we're still in disbelief over. And by that I mean we just threw our life plan out the window and moved from the west coast (the BEST coast) to Saskatchewan, the land of terrible winters and even worse football teams. We've hit a few bumps in the road and learned that our plan isn't necessarily God's plan but that we just need to keep rolling with it because He's got our backs.

We bought a house and added a mini-me to our ranks because I needed more blogging material. We decided that he needed to work on his social skills so we added another baby to the mix not too long ago.

I knit, keep it decaffeinated and dairy free, run in slow motion, watch a lot of movies, read terrible books, spray paint stuff, and make myself motivational mugs. Most often, though, I change a lot of diapers and fantasize about vegan doughnuts.

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  1. Super curious: Where in Saskatchewan? (Not a stalker, I've just been through there twice and it...left an impression.)


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