April 02, 2016

Parker's room

There's something in the air this week that is making me want to get ALL OF THE THINGS done. I had a fantasy about scrubbing my baseboards while I was drinking coffee the other day. Even when I was pregnant I was not that person. But now? Clean all the things! Paint all the things! Finish all the projects! Do it do it do it! I even dragged Karl with me to Home Depot today to have a serious talk about re-grouting our kitchen floor. (Fun fact: It's a task so terrifying that the mere thought makes me want to lay down and weep. Funner fact: My desire to get things done drives me to start looking for time in our calendar to do it. Funnest fact: I know funner isn't a word.)

I think the cleaning mania has to do with the fact that it's warmer outside than it is inside today and all of our windows are open to celebrate. Yesterday I went for a walk and nearly froze to death, but today I spent over an hour on the deck reading in a t-shirt and shorts. And I nearly cried I was so happy. It may also have to do with the fact that I go back to work in less than two months and am experiencing some form of late-term nesting. But I'd rather not talk about that.

So, in the spirit of getting things done, I bit the bullet for the millionth time and took some better pictures to go along with some older pictures that actually turned out. So in case you're wondering, I did not raise and lower the crib between pictures. I mean, I guess I technically did, but not today.

Anyway, behold! A mere 10+ months after originally promised, I give you the baby's room!

And welcome.

This picture is actually quite old. The crib is now lower and I've since lined the blinds with my mad glue gunning/discount fabric buying skills (as you can kind of see in the picture above). 

I didn't want to inundate Parker's room with decor before he was born because a) I'm terrible at that kind of thing and b) I figured it would happen naturally. It's his room, after all. He told me, though, that he really likes polka dots. And teal. Instead of stressing myself out with a themed room, I went with the obvious "baby" theme and stopped there. My dad and I each painted something for him, showcasing our Picasso-esque skills, and more or less left it at that.

I just hung pictures in our own room after a year and a half, so Parker should feel pretty honoured having these up before he even moved in (to the house, not my uterus).

Pro parenting tip: Dollar store baskets and weird shaped vases make great storage for baby randoms and soothers. 

We initially started out with one bookshelf and I love how quickly it's grown into two. I love Sandra Boynton books, hate Goodnight, Moon, and Parker's a star at That's not my Tiger. My baby knows where the scratchy nose is. He's basically a baby Einstein.

I got that print from Hello Hue when she was closing up shop and I love it. Parenting is tough, especially in those early months, but it is definitely well with my soul. 

I got the idea for the mobile off of Pinterest as every good mom should. I ended up combining a yarn ball tutorial and Young House Love mobile. I feel like I really earned my mom/blogger/DIY stripes with this one. In reality, it just involved me making a huge mess on the kitchen table in my sweatpants one afternoon.

If you ever decide to make a mobile like this, I would just like you to know that when they say it doesn't take very much paste to make the balls they're lying to you. I would also like you to know that your husband will totally judge you for buying a $15 branch from Winners when you could "just get any stick" from your yard. I recommend not arguing, just repenting. But seriously, it's the most beautiful stick I've ever spent $15 on in my life.

And there you have it! Well worth the wait, right?


  1. That mobile is my favourite ever. I never had a mobile for my babies, but fun fact: I have one in my "girly stuff" box...mini Chinese lanterns with pink blossoms on them.

    1. I would totally put that up in a boy's room. I almost lined Parker's blinds with floral fabric. Boys like flowers, too!

    2. I never replaced the curtains in calvins room from when it was the guest room. Big pink fancy florals!

  2. I am in love with that mobile. If there is a next baby, I'm doing it. I love the color scheme of his room!

  3. That mobile is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. You did such a good job on that mobile. I tried to make a ball like that (I had grand ideas of making it into a pendant lamp) many many years ago and I still have emotional scars.

  5. I love your mobile! I should get/make R one. I kind of feel like a failure of a mom because she doesn't have one. Okay, I really don't actually but I still want to get her one at some point. Do they like looking at them? Is that what they are for? Or is it to look pretty?

    1. Back in the day, mobiles were a lot more useful than they are now. They would spin and play tinny-sounding songs. This pleased babies. But then parents got cooler and wanted their stuff to be cooler. So now we have immobile mobiles and play our babies music on our phones.


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