December 10, 2015

Solidifying those trust issues.

Now that Parker's six months old we've entered the realm of solid foods. I'm not particularly excited about this because it makes my life more complicated. Nursing and giving food? Ugh. When is Parker going to start feeding me? Trying to feed me my ripped out hair and his slobbery fingers does not count, even though I do kind of appreciate the sentiment.

I thought for sure Parker would be a food eating boss. The kid loved his oral vaccine after all. The nurse was impressed by his eagerness. So, why, pray tell, is my kid willing to let a stranger put some mystery liquid in his mouth but refuses to let me, who provides him LIFE, give him what he's been salivating over for months?

We decided to try sweet potatoes first. Nature's super food. I'd like to avoid rice cereal because it's so full of random crap. Parker's going to teach Karl and I how to be healthier eaters. No sugar for the next twenty years! I figured sweet potatoes would be a hit because, hello, everyone loves them and they've got a decent amount of iron. He did okay the first time, but the next day as soon as he saw that spoon coming he shut right down. I'm pretty sure he doesn't trust us any more. He didn't even let us give him applesauce. No spoon will be going near his pretty little face. More applesauce for me, then.

Today I tried some baby led weaning and put sweet potatoes and banana on the tray for him. He found his bib much more appetizing. I'm not sure how much iron is in there, kid, but hey, whatever floats your boat. It'll probably fill you up for a while. Speaking from personal experience here, the less iron you have in your system the more you want to sleep. Longer naps = more applesauce time for mommy so I guess there's always that silver lining.

Someone please tell Parker, though, that just because he's being offered solids doesn't mean he needs to nurse twice as often. The boobs aren't going anywhere. Once in a while they'd like a couple hours of sleep at night, but it seems like Parker's trust issues don't stop during the sleeping hours. The kid that's been going 13 hours a night without eating for the past two and a half months is making up for lost time. I mean, I love him to bits, but I don't need the 2:30 and 5 a.m. cuddles to remind me. I choose to believe it's a growth spurt because it's hard to fault the kid for being hungry. A year ago at this time I was eating crackers in the middle of the night, too. You don't think he's pregnant, do you?


  1. Ha!! That last line.

    This is exactly how feeding Gracie has gone. She's warmed up to food a lot, but she refused everything until about a month ago. I have to say, I'm not loving this. It's more stressful than I thought it would be to find things for her to eat. I just want to be lazy. Have you seen those puffs made for babies? The ingredient list isn't ideal, but I'd heard babies loves them and they're a greater starter food since they dissolve in their mouths, so I bought some. Gracie LOVES them. Whenever I get them out she flaps her arms and squeals. She refuses to feed herself, though. One battle at a time.

  2. I literally have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at that first picture. He just looks SO betrayed/confused/disappointed. Like all his life he was dreaming of delicious solid food and then THIS!?

    I've said it before and I will say it again...please have at least 10 more kids. The world needs more adorable children.

  3. Haha that first picture is priceless! He is so not happy.

  4. It's always a growth spurt, right? Right. That and any crabbiness is teething.

    Ellie loved avocado more than sweet potato when she started solids. Her 6 month old cousin is a huge fan of applesauce but also hates sweet potato. I think sweet potato is more fun when they get it slathered in butter or syrup. Ellie loves sweet potato now, so there's hope for you! Also, Ellie sleeps like a champ... so, more hope for you!

  5. Laughter and tears :) I love your posts, Michelle was right when she recommended you!


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