December 15, 2015

Hibernation: over.

Hibernating last week was so good. I only left the house twice, both times after Parker was in bed and they both involved Costco. One of those times included late night wandering and Christmas shopping at Winners/Home Sense. Give me a cup of tea and an hour or two to wander around there and my heart will sing a thousand happy songs. I don't even need to buy anything, I just like looking around. When we win the lottery I am going to spend all of our winnings there. We can live off boxed scone mix and fancy teas.

A friend came over on Tuesday night and we watched About Time (her first go-round and my third). I'd thought about cancelling on her but it felt cruel to do so at the last minute, and watching movies with friends is very low on the energy scale. I also had a friend from work over Wednesday morning to for a couple hours to dish over work-place drama and her firing the day before. Drama does not wait for hibernation and anti-social needs.

I officially delved back in the world of the normal functioning folk on Saturday morning when I hosted a group of girlfriends for breakfast. Before we moved, I was part of a group of girls that would have Saturday morning breakfasts. It started as lunches in university, graduated into weekly Saturday mornings, and then, as life got busier, became more of an as-possible event, culminating in an annual Christmas party. To be honest, I'm looking forward to it more than anything else this holiday season. Five more days!

I would also like to formally invite you to join me for next month's breakfast. If you don't do something like this with the ladies in your life you are missing out. It's so easy to get wrapped up in our lives and not take time to just be women, talking about whatever life gives us. Actually, side note, I would love to do this digitally. You, me, coffee, the internet as my living room. Unless, of course, you live within commuting distance to my actual living room, in which case I'm wondering why you're not here right now.

With ten days to go until Christmas (WOO!) we'll be heading home again on Saturday to show off our biggest accomplishment this year.

I've decided that with the end of the year fast approaching it's time to get most of those projects done that I tried to before Parker was born. The weekend before my water broke I was going to reorganize the kitchen cupboards (read: organize for the first time). When we moved in a year and a half ago my goal was to get everything off the counter and in a cupboard as quickly as possible. Then we got distracted by all the other things you need to do with a house, I got pregnant, etc., etc. 

Today I finally went through our Tupperware cupboard (Karl's real Christmas present) and kind of sorted our food cupboard. My tea situation is still out of control, but I feel like I did a reasonable enough job. At least there's some order to the chaos and, bonus, I found way more chocolate than I thought we had. We now have an official can shelf. I feel so housewifey and homesteady.

There is nothing relaxing about going on holidays. It always means cleaning everything that you've been too lazy to do lately. I kind of love it. Hibernating last week meant that I did a lot of the big cleaning so this week is just about laundry, cleaning the washing machine, and knitting up a storm. That and hanging out with everyone I neglected last week. And your emails. Whoops.

Now that I know where I keep everything in my kitchen now I should probably use that knowledge for good and make dinner.


  1. It's so nice to hibernate every now and then! I love it! :)

  2. I definitely laughed at the photo of Parker.

    Fist bump for organization!
    And fist bump for procrastination!!
    And another fist bump for Christmas vacation!!!

  3. His faces. THE BEST.

    I need a friends group so badly...all mine live in other states and ahem, other countries.

    I hear you on the tea situation being out of control. I moved offices at work this week and didn't realize I had like 5 boxes of tea and a whole bunch of random tea bags in my desk drawers. It's a problem.

    Headed to the Best Coast in 5 (4) days!?

  4. Like Angi, I also desperately need a friends group. My favorite people are all spread out. I'm trying hard to find my people in Columbus, but it's hard when I'm not working anymore. Bleh. Depressing.

    I have several baskets full of tea. I hear you on that. I deep cleaned the fridge and pantry over the weekend, and it brought me so much joy. I was also planning to organize some of our kitchen cabinets before Gracie was born, but I never got to it and now they're driving me crazy. So many pots and pans we don't even use!

  5. I've been hibernating since Sunday and it's made me so happy. I'll be ready to get out tomorrow but I have LOVED just hanging at home, relaxing, organizing.


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