February 06, 2015

Day three.

I left work shortly after 10 a.m. on Wednesday and haven't been back since. I'm still hacking away. Last night was my worst night and we just decided that Karl would do best to just spend the whole night in the guest room instead of sticking it out for a couple hours like he did the night before. Can I just say that, even though he's incapable of opening the living room curtains without being told, I have a great husband. He got excited about the prospect of sleeping in the guest room and, even though I was the problem and he was going to work the next day, he still offered to go down there because "the humidifier's already on upstairs and there's no point moving it."

Clearly the novelty of not having to sleep on the couch hasn't worn off yet. All married couples should have a second bed, just in case.

In case you were wondering, I am an old woman, I do sleep with a humidifier when I'm sick, and no, it's not really helping. I just want to sleep with my face right over it and get all that good good whole wheat moisture in my dry throat. But that would be really uncomfortable and I'd wake up with grid marks on my face.

I have watched a record breaking amount of Netflix this week. Seriously, Netflix is going to need to start getting some new material soon.

What have a I watched? Good question. I started Z Nation. It's no Walking Dead, but it's entertaining. It's a bit more light-hearted which I can appreciate. I would take it over season two of The Walking Dead any day.

I caught up on The 100. It's one of my favourite shows right now and I'd highly recommend it.

Netflix has really been pushing Beautiful Creatures on me so I went with the recommendation. It was fine for a sick day, but was kind of like every other teenage romance since Twilight, except it had southern accents all the way through so it was more charming.

Yesterday I watched Rumors of War. It was kind of weird, didn't get a lot of stars on Netflix, and was the kind of thing Karl would hate. I like to watch poorly received post-apocalyptic movies in my spare time. I'm not sure if I just didn't pay enough attention (probably) or if it just didn't flow as well as it cold have (probably) but I didn't really get the whole thing. One thing I did like, though, was how it incorporated Christianity into it. I don't think it was a religious movie, but it was nice to see something post-apocalyptic that didn't make religion seem like the worst evil ever. (Side note, if the world is ending never ever trust a leader, religious or otherwise, that greases their hair and doesn't stop smiling.)

I fully planned on napping during Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist today but it didn't happen. Fifteen minutes in and I was in movie love. Talk about a great sick day movie. I love Michael Cera. You should probably watch this movie ASAP unless you already did when it came out seven years ago. I also really liked the soundtrack.

Aaaaand I also watched Murder on the Home Front. Three days is a long time to rest up and try to scare away a cough, okay? This is a British movie that is your typical crime show but it takes place during the London Blitz in WWII so it's totally historical and educational. Kind of. We all need a little more BBC in our lives.

I was planning on catching up on folding some laundry while watching all that TV but I've just been knitting. I finished a blanket, darned my ends in, washed it, and am contemplating blocking it (my least favourite thing ever). Curly ends are part of life, right? While I contemplate what to do there, I started another blanket. I'm hoping that by ignoring my problems they'll sort themselves out.

I've been reading, too. Since the next four months are the last I'm going to have to read without distraction ever again I figure I'd better make the most of it. I started The Wheel of Time series. It's one of those epic series that I've been meaning to try for a while. My dad gave me his used copies a couple years ago and I've been waiting for the right time to get into them. So far so good but I'm only a couple hundred pages into the first book. I've heard mixed reviews so we'll see how it goes.

Our church is encouraging us to read a chapter of the Bible a day in order to get through the New Testament and the Psalms this year. I started a couple weeks late, but I've been trying to catch up so that's been some of my reading, too. Look at me go.

I got a package from Old Navy yesterday morning that made my day. It was just some tank tops and yoga bottoms but with a little creative folding I now have my go-to bottoms for this pregnancy. And none of it was maternity so it wasn't super expensive and I didn't have to go to another store (Old Navy in Canada doesn't sell maternity wear online because they hate me). Apparently if you whine to the internet about your pants woes you sometimes get your way.

I'm going to take those new bottoms out for frozen yogurt tonight. You know what I need after three days of coughing? Some sorbet to soothe my poor old throat, time away from the television, and some female face-to-face socialisation. Even if I try not to get too face-to-face with the girls because of my germs.

Who knows? Maybe fro yo is the cure for what ails me. I recommend you have some tonight, too. Not only in solidarity, but to prevent any sickness on your part. It's okay, I'm giving you permission. It's Friday.

P.S. Who's excited for Valentine's Day? I'm going to be healthy by then and we're having a friend come over to replace our bathroom fan. I'm going to make banana bread cinnamon buns to show my gratitude. Talk about romance!


  1. What kind of blanket did you knit?! I'm going to be so stunned if I ever finish this baby blanket. I need to be a better knitter.

    I'm so impressed with your Netflix viewing. I'm at that point with Netflix that I can't find anything else to watch and I'm kind of over it. Which is why I'm currently watching Anne of Green Gables.

  2. Kyle is working on Valentine's Day but the upside is we don't really celebrate.

  3. I would be more excited for Valentines Day if it didn't mark only one more week before Isaiah goes to the academy...haha. I'm bummed he's going to miss our anniversary, too (5 years!), but at least he'll be done a week before my birthday, haha.

    Let me know if you need more Netflix suggestions this week even though I think we get different shows/movies a lot of the time...of course I hope you're feeling better now and don't need them! :)


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