February 04, 2015

Day one.

I'm currently at home in the middle of the Wednesday work day because my coworkers asked me to leave. Not that they don't like me, they just don't like my man cough. I mean, I think they like me. I'm fun. I bring in banana bread sometimes. What's not to like? Aside from the germs.

It was my evil plan all along, getting asked to leave. I hate those people that come to work when they're sick, but I've been averaging a sick day a month since getting pregnant and I didn't want my boss to think I was faking it. It's nice to have an excuse to stay home for the next day or two. Even if it means I have a man cough. I'm also trying to save some sick days in case I become a total invalid later in my pregnancy. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen.

A friend suggested hot water, lemon, honey, and cinnamon as a sore throat soother when you're pregnant. My throat isn't really at the sore stage yet (but after some man coughing it's getting there) but when I wake up in the morning feeling like death a cup of that magic gives me whole new life. I'm telling you, it's amazing.

I'm almost at the 23 week point in this here journey of baby growing. Last week we found out we're growing a boy. We got to see his little boy bits on the ultrasound and, had the tech not pointed it (them?) out, I would never have known. It was nice, though, because we told her before that we wanted to know so she stuck the goo on me, put the thing (technical term) down, said we had a heartbeat (I never get tired of being reassured), and promptly announced it's a boy. My son, the exhibitionist. Last time he peed, this time he showed his junk. He's so obedient.

I have a feeling the next four months of my life are going to be very long. Every time I stand up I have to pee. Every. Time. Remember how I'm carrying low? I'm pretty sure he's hugging my bladder. It's not even like, oh, I've had a lot to drink (but, with having a cold, I really have been hitting the fluids), it's like, why is something sitting on my urge to urinate?

And now you know a good part of my struggle. The other part? Pants. Oh, pants.

I got a couple pairs of leggings recently, one used Old Navy pair (the best of the three), a pair off eBay that guaranteed they wouldn't be see-through (lies) and a red pair from Zulily. Baby brain is real, guys, because I'm still trying to figure out why I thought red leggings were a good idea. And yes, they sag, so I'm not even sure I'm going to wear them. The struggle is real.

I'm getting bigger and I have a couple pairs of jeans I got from Old Navy with the low bands. They were great earlier in my pregnancy, but now they're getting a little tight and can give me the weirdest, biggest front muffin top ever. I sometimes have to rock the belly band with them just to keep everything in.

I have another pair of Old Navy jeans that I got from Value Village. They fit amazingly and have the full belly panel, keeping everything in where it should be. Except they're super low riders below the panel and, since they're not sitting on my hips, I have nothing to hold them up. God did not make me in the form of a Kardashian. If you see me wearing them you'll notice that I'm constantly hiking them up, because I am a lady and act like one everywhere I go.

My favourite pants are my sweatpants because they sit below my belly and make me look like a gangster. I'm really wishing I'd jumped on that elastic waist band trend over the summer, instead of scoffing at it. I used to think elastic waist bands were for people who had given up. Now I want it to warm up 50° so that I can wear my one pair of elastic waist shorts I bought last year. Because elastic waists are for people that have given up and people that are growing other people.

So, um, I hope you enjoyed my pants rant. That's where I'm at right now. I'm really looking forward to trying to fit back into my normal clothes again because at least they make sense to me. Ask me again in five months and I'll probably be a blubbering, lactating mess. Fingers crossed I'm like my sister-in-law and end up below my pre-pregnancy weight just by breastfeeding. She's kind of my idol.

And on that note, it's Netflix time. Stay healthy out there.


  1. Enjoy your Netflix you deserve to relax!!

  2. I have the low band Old Navy pants too, and they are making me miserable right now. They were incredible earlier on, but now I feel like they're suffocating the baby or something. I have a full panel pair from Target and they are BLISS. I just wish they were skinny jeans so I could wear boots with them. I wore a white and red striped shirt with them last week without paying too much attention to the mirror. WELL. That maternity shirt is stretched so thin now that you could look at me and CLEARLY see half my belly covered by the blue panel from my jeans. And then you could see a patch of skin and my bra. IN DETAIL. I was mortified when I noticed in the office bathroom. That shirt will only be worn at home now.

    The peeing!!! Yes! It is miserable, is it not? My desk is as far away from the bathroom at work as it can be. Don't ask me how I feel about that. Also, the urge to pee 20 seconds after you pee. It drives me crazy. A coworker and I walked into the bathroom together before walking to the break room because I insisted that I was about to pee my pants. We were the only two in there, and she stood by the sink waiting for me, and there was complete silence from my stall. It had just been the baby bouncing on my bladder the whole time. That was a little awkward to explain.

  3. Full belly panel is the way to go! I loved my pants that had those. SO comfy.

    Netflix is amazing. Enjoy it! I hear Magic School Bus is on... ;)


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