February 09, 2015

Day six.

I went back to work this morning because I've been getting a bit more sleep (sitting up, on the couch) and my cough isn't as dry as it once was. Then I had my monthly doctor's appointment and it turns out I might have pneumonia. I'm now on antibiotics and off work until the antibiotics kick in or they don't and we need to figure something else out. So keep those Netflix recommendations rolling.

I've never had pneumonia before. I think I had whooping cough once in elementary school and I felt very classy when they gave me a puffer to deal with it. Aw, yeah. Cool kids wore glasses and had puffers. I had a really skewed view of what was cool.

My mom had pneumonia once and it was so bad that she was hospitalized and had to have surgery. When the doctor said it might be pneumonia I figured my unborn child and I might as well say our goodbyes and clear out my desk because we're not long for this world. According to Wikipedia (all hail the fountain of all knowledge!) pneumonia can be a bunch of different things. I took that to mean that since I'm not getting any sicker I probably won't die, and the baby will probably be just fine, and I'm just crossing my fingers that it's bacterial so I can get back to work sometime this week. 

All things considered, though, aside from the hacking and not sleeping well, this is probably the best kind of sick to be. Honestly, it's not that I want to go back to work, because life at home on the couch isn't the worst kind of life there is, but it does get old eventually and a person only gets so many sick days, you know?

At least it's still snowing out. I'm not missing any glorious or survivable weather.

I'm thinking that I need to make margarita popsicles. With just the margarita mix, obviously. That way I can say I'm home, resting up, and having margaritas with my unborn baby. Gotta bring the party somehow. Speaking of bringing the party, I had a dream that I was at a wedding last night and had three or four adult beverages before realizing that might make me a really bad mom. And then there was a giant tsunami and zombies to deal with so I got distracted. 

In case you're wondering, I did end up blocking the blanket I was battling internally over. It's taking an absurd amount of time to dry, though, so I can't actually tell if it worked or not. I'm going to say it did, to keep my sanity. If it's still damp later tonight I'm going to hit it my hair dryer and force the magic to happen that much faster.

Next time I promise not to inundate you with the germy details. Unless I cough up something really cool, in which case I'll just Instagram it. Just kidding, don't leave me. You're my only contact to the outside world.


  1. Oh no! I really hope that you don't have pneumonia! Get lots of rest. Hugs!

  2. I think margarita popsicles are the best idea I've heard all week.

  3. Mmmm. Margarita Popsicles.

    You're living the life I lived when I had the flu. I was convinced baby and I wouldn't make it.

    Are you a Gilmore Girls person? Watch that, if you haven't already. The humor is so on point.


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