August 11, 2014

Did you see it?

I spent a lot of today on the couch trying not to puke on myself (you're welcome) after a 10 a.m. migraine. Because my brain was all, "You're going on holidays in five days? You've got a bunch of work and work-related deadlines to get done before then? Dang, girl. SABOTAGE."

But whatever. Today was kind of low on my list of things I needed to get done. The goal was to go to the gym and burn all the calories because I'm going to die spending approximately 22 hours travelling this weekend. I don't have restless leg syndrome yet but we haven't even left. And I already spent six hours in the car this weekend. Because including this past weekend I have four weekends of travelling in a row and that's a lot of muffin and Skittle consumption.

But what I was trying to say was that even though there's a lot to get done this week before we head west for two weeks today's goals were only to go to the gym and make dinner. Migraine trumps exercise 100% of the time but I still ended up making stir fry for dinner. It was essential because no stir fry dinner means no stir fry lunch and I might just live for stir fry lunches. Also, stir fry is excellent post-migraine hangover food. Except I don't really have a hangover yet, I just feel yuck. And I was all, "If it's not a bad one I'll come back this afternoon because work to do." I'm funny. I spent a lot of the afternoon in a semi-vegetative state. 

But the point isn't that my body hates me. That's ooooold news. The point is, our cable company is accidentally giving us free movie channels even though I cancelled them. I don't even feel bad because we had a bunch of movies recorded from when we were paying for them (Game of Thrones is in the movie package but stop judging me because the books are less pornographic) but when we moved they ALL got erased. So this is kind of fairness. And when we add AMC in October to get our zombie fix we'll lose them anyway.

But that's not the point then, either. I mean, it kind of is, but what I really want to talk about is the fact that I spent a good chunk of the day watching movies. Two movies to be exact.

The first movie I watched was About Time. All I'm going to say about it is that you should probably go watch it. It was kind of like Love Actually meets The Time Travellers Wife but not as pukey. It even had Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams so the comparison works even better. I might just be thinking Love Actually because it's British but whatever. That said, I think Karl would have really liked it, too, and you should probably go watch it now. And, yes, the red headed main character was a Weasley. I looked it up. 

But seriously, it might be my new favourite movie. I didn't even delete it off the PVR because Mom's coming for Thanksgiving and we'll probably need to watch it again then. Unless I buy it. Because I believe in buying things you like. Like Jars of Clay CDs. That's why I have a bunch of burned copies of their CDs from my friends when we were teenagers and consolidated our CD collections but then I went out and bought all their physical CDs. Except for their greatest hits, but those weren't new recordings and I bought the only new song off iTunes, okay? 

I digress.

I liked the movie so much that I paused it to have a nap. I didn't even do the normal sick day thing and sleep through it like I did with Dredd last time I had a migraine. For the record, Dredd was neither here nor there.

The second movie I watched was Anna Karenina. I got the audiobook from the library last year, but only half of it downloaded and once that part was done I figured it was boring me to death on the elliptical so I called it a day. I want to be cultured, though, and at least be able to talk about cultural things because of course I know the story of Anna Karenina. Then everyone will think I've read Tolstoy instead of just watching Keira Knightly in it. 

Well, after watching the movie, I'm pretty sure I didn't take much away from it. Except, SPOILER ALERT, Anna Karenina was a bit of a cold hard lady dog and killed herself, which I think I kind of knew anyway. But I remember in the book not despising her, whereas Keira Knightly just reminded me of Helena Bonham Carter in Harry Potter. Bellatrix, anyone?

I'm done with the Potter references, I swear. Although I was hoping to put Harry Potter on afterwards and nap through it but it's not on Netflix anymore. 

It was like they were trying to make classing Russian literature funny. And I didn't really get that from the book. It also looked like a play. I had a hard time following it. Except the red headed guy from About Time was also in it and he had a happy ending so that was nice. But I don't think he cared that Anna Karenina jumped in the middle of a moving train which, for the record, seemed a little risky to me. What if you just bounced off and got a bloody lip or something? That would be awkward. I'd throw myself in front of the train.

And now that we're on the topic of death and suicide, I'm just going to completely change direction. It'll read awkward and unnatural but it's exactly where my brain rolled to. So just roll with it.

Today was a bad news day. A life lost no matter how distant or far removed from us is still a tragedy. So love each other. Hug each other. Pray for each other.

One thing I really struggle with is not being a grumpy bag. I'm not sure why, but negativity  comes so naturally to me and sometimes I have to try really hard to remember to love others. Because I believe that God calls us to love each other no matter who we are, what we've done or, sometimes even harder to remember, what we're doing. From the petty to the big. And we just don't know, do we? We just don't know what kind of affect we're going to have on others. We can think we don't matter and that no one cares, but I think we can all agree that the tiniest interactions can have huge day altering consequences. Like the person who gives you the finger in the parking lot when you've done nothing wrong. Or getting a glib comment from a co-worker. I'm a feeler so I know I'm not the only one. We all need to feel loved and appreciated in everything we do.

And that goes both ways. Negative and positive. 

So go. Love others. Know that I really, truly appreciate you coming here. And watch About Time because it's awesome. 

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  1. Still bummed I can't find About Time online anywhere. If you think Karl would have liked it, then maybe Isaiah would have liked it...I bet I can talk him into renting the video with me. From the actual video store. WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE!? I'm honestly surprised they're still open...we go in there about once every 6 months and it's almost always completely dead.

    I struggle with constant grumpiness, too. You're not alone with that one. And you're right - death before someone's time is always tragic, especially when they feel there's no escape from their sadness. It always just solidifies the point that money and fame can never fill a hole the way Jesus can. I wish someone could have told Robin Williams that - maybe they did, we'll never know.


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