August 06, 2014


It's a painting metaphor even though no internal painting has been done. I did paint a table, though. I came to post photos of the house but I'm having a hard time getting excited about it.

It's hot, I'm tired, and there's an episode of The Amazing Race Canada on the PVR. And I'm only watching it because it started out in the best place on earth (Victoria, B.C. obvs) and now I'm suckered in because Karl likes it. That and we just watched an episode of The Killing and we need something a little uplifting. 

We're nine days out from heading home for two weeks. Except in those two weeks I'll be going to Disneyland (again) with my momma (again, but 20 years later) and I am OVER THE MOON EXCITED.

Initially the whole Disneyland thing was Mom's idea that I went on board with because we don't get a lot of holidays together, especially now, and I miss her so freaking much. I used to think that people who talked about their moms being their best friends were so full of it, but then I hit that early-mid-twenties stage and here we are. Three days in Anaheim and two in San Diego. And I'm having a hard time focussing at work because Splash Mountain.

I'll also be celebrating my birthday on our last day in Anaheim. I did a little googling and it turns out there's a place in San Diego that sells vegan doughnuts on Saturdays that isn't too far from our hotel. So when I'm at work and I'm not day dreaming about standing in long lines I'm thinking about vegan doughnuts. And how stoked I am on my new carry-on suitcase. Because it's pink and weighs 3.1 lbs and is big enough to hold a bendy three old. With snacks.

Basically what I'm saying is, I've committed myself emotionally to blogging once a week and I skipped Zumba tonight to pick raspberries (in my back yard), paint my nails (next on the agenda), knit (always), and blog. I really want to show you all these Young House Love worthy photos of our place and feel all superior, but the long and the short of it is no. 

Which leads to another reason (aside from my unending love of our office) that I sat down at the good old keyboard today. I want to pick your mind.

First of all, short of Instagram how do you edit your pictures? If you spend more than $20 on something that won't last you for a lifetime you're going to need to give me the hard sell. But seriously. I want to show you beautiful pictures of my office and destroyed basement (on purpose) and some more pictures of my gorgeous fireplace but they look like I just took them with my phone. Weird, considering how I did only take them with my phone.

Also, I'm a Canadian going to the USA. I don't want to screw this up. What do I need to buy down there that I can't buy up here? Tell me your secrets! Give me your suggestions! Where do I need to eat? Don't say In-n-Out. Remember, I'm dairy-free. Tell me, America, of all your delicious things that you sell at your fancy grocery stores. Or tell me, Canada, what you do down there when you can't eat ketchup chips or Smarties. I need to know.

Okay, my mind just flat-lined. I'm outty.


  1. Yay for going on vacations for your birthdays! I did that for the first time ever this year and I think it's going to be a yearly tradition. Also, still bummed we're missing each other by like 8 weeks. you mean on your phone or on the computer? If you mean on your phone, I can give you some app suggestions that I really like. If you mean on your computer, try out It's mostly free, you CAN upgrade to a paid version if you want, but I never have. You can do general edits, add filters to photos, crop, add borders, etc etc etc. It's good in a pinch or if you're not looking to spend money on, say, Photoshop.

    I wish I could be more helpful with what to buy in the USA that you can't get in Canadialand. But I don't know what we have that you don't, you have Trader Joes there? If not, go there. My all time favorite grocery store, hands down...they have a lot of dairy-free/soy-free stuff, which is mostly why I like them. Plus, they're cheap.

  2. I pretty much do the same as Linsdey at Hello Hue. You read her, right? Basically, all my Instagram photos are edited on Afterlight. Just a dollar or two. I really only change the exposure and then add a pretty filter (leila).

    I also use PicMonkey. I don't do a lot of editing of actual camera photos just because I don't think my photos need much adjusting. Maybe when I actually learn how to use my camera really well, then I will have photos worth editing. I don't think it's worth editing a normal kind of photo unless it's cropping or something, you know? It is great for making collages though, which I have recently used for photo-heavy posts.

  3. Trader Joe's!!! Though honestly I have no idea what we have that you don't. I wish I was in California right now so I could hang out with you! Have the best time ever.


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