August 21, 2014

Check out my potty.

Happy birthday to me, nerds.

What better way to celebrate my birthday from the happiest place on earth than by finally posting photos of our house that I've been promising for, um, two months.

I tried my hand at editing these pictures and while I'm clearly not looking to change careers, I think they turned out okay. Some of them. They're better, anyway. Let me know what you think.

So. The potty. It looks a lot like our old bathroom. For some reason, though, those blue walls kill me. I'm not sure what colour we're going to paint them yet, but they won't stay that way forever. It's hard, though, because the only colour I want to paint them is the colour of the kitchen. I want to paint my whole house that colour because I love it so much. So I'll need to think about it. The grey floor makes it harder to pick colours.

And if you're wondering about those baskets, they came with the place. Very handy for pooh books and face cloths.

Also, behind that curtain is the deepest insert tub I've ever seen. When I put my head underwater it's the tub's so deep that I float.

I took this picture when I was waiting for my co-worker and her boyfriend to come over. It just makes me want to sit there and drink coffee all day.

Our dining are isn't huge, but it does the trick. All that natural light kind of makes up for it. I salivate over natural light.

That's the temporary guest bedroom. Well, part of it. We just bought a bed frame but haven't set it up yet. The vase has also been moved and replaced with a lamp. Fun fact: that vase was the first thing I spray painted and those twiggy  things were the centrepieces from our wedding. Our basement reno will be done next month and the bed will be moving down so we haven't bothered to put a lot of work into this space. It still has wall decals from the previous owners in the corner. It's a silver tree. It just screams Morton.

Can we talk about how much I love that blanket for a second? On sale for $20 at Superstore. I'm thinking of putting it on our bed because I love it so much. The bed's a double but the blanket's a queen.

Kitchen side view. It's not as big as the last place we lived (nothing is) but it's much larger than our first place. And has cupboards for days. For smaller kitchen, that is. It also has a dishwasher and room on the counter for my Kitchenaid. Which I actually use much more often now that I'm no longer at risk of dropping it on my head.

Bonus points if you noticed my favourite mug on the counter. Not staged at all, just a happy coincidence.

Our bedroom. Well, part of it. It's big enough to fit all of our dressers, but other than that it's itty bitty. It has an en-suite which is nice, but other than that it's pretty boring. And dark. The closet goes really high, though, which helps. The previous owners had their facing where my dressers are. It made more sense with the window but we couldn't fit Karl's dresser when we did that and I can't bring myself to live with another dresser in a closet. I also really like having the window above my head when I'm sleeping. It's like nature and I are one. That and the sun is never directly in my eyes, considering the window is east facing. 

There are dark brown curtains on the closet, too, and boy are they looooong. I don't think we're going to paint the bedroom because even though the colour is a little dark it's fine. And we're going to have enough painting in our lives in the near future that we don't need to add more. Those curtains are going to get swapped out for something brighter and probably shorter. Karl likes the long but I think it's odd with the headboard in front of it. What do you think?

We put dark bamboo blinds in the office and are going to in the other bedroom upstairs, but he didn't want them in the bedroom. I can't say I blame him. They're the same dark colour as the furniture and it would be too much. The closet curtains are also going to be swapped out for something brighter, but I'm waiting on the windows. You know, for coherence. Not that they're coherent now because it's black satiny patterny velvety on the windows with dark brown on the closet. Creative.

Oh, and I'm going to repaint our nightstands a bright green. That'll help the cause, too. 

I saved my favourite part for last. The fireplace. It's the only place in the house that actually has pictures on it aside from my dresser and that bookshelf in the background. I love how bright it is and how it's already updated.

I've been coveting that red owl on the mantle for years. It's from Walmart and I have nowhere to put it. Until now. They had a bigger one that I'm kind of wishing I'd gotten, but now that it's stacked up on some great literature (seriously, Plato, Pride and Prejudice, and a book on Africa because I need to at least pretend I'm an intellectual) I think it fills the space just fine. Karl thought I'd lost my mind when I begged him to tell me it was a good idea to buy, but he agreed. It was just so different from what I normally buy that I couldn't pull the trigger without some validation.

Anyway, this space will be completely changing in a month anyway. Our couches and TV are going to be moving to the basement and we need to figure out a way to fill the space. We're allowing ourselves (read: me) $1000 to get it done. We want to add a carpet, a couple arm chairs, and a love seat or something. The coffee table will likely stay, as well.

I've been keeping my eyes out for sales on chairs and whatnot, and last weekend I was perusing Used Regina and found the perfect chair. I almost didn't pull the trigger because it was an olive green and I was hoping for something printed, but then I knocked some sense into myself and realized that everything can't be bold and if they can be, well, that's what cushions are for. Besides, $90 for an olive green leather accent chair that is in perfect condition is the kind of deal you don't run away from. I convinced Karl to go with me and it was even more perfect in person than it was online. You know how accent chairs can be a little small and/or uncomfortable? Yeah, not this guy. He's a beauty and I loves him.

More pictures to come eventually, but I'll more likely do a video post before then. I don't know, I think it would be fun to see our house go from it's originalish stage to have a separate living room and TV room. How rich do we sound?

Because it's my birthday I'd like you to go out and eat a baked good on my behalf. Cookie, doughnut, cupcakes, cheesecake, whatever. Since we can't be together to celebrate, I think that's a close second. My goal is to eat a vegan doughnut on this trip. Cheers to another year!


  1. Happy birthday (for the third time)!

    Would you consider a white bathroom wall? Or perhaps light grey, depending on the grey of your floor.

    I would not do a shorter curtain for the bedroom. It might look likes complete. I never used to like beds in front of windows, but the look is growing on me. It looks nice and layered which makes it seem more cozy, which is good for a bedroom! The only annoying thing is hat the tables can't go right against the wall.

    1. I apologize for the typos. My phone doesn't let me type if I move the curser to the middle of text so I can't fix mistakes!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you are having a fabulous time in my country (haha).

    I love your house. I'm especially in love with your fireplace. I saw this huge glass jar thing that you put a candle in in a magazine yesterday, and it set off a string of daydreams...involving a nice big house with a fireplace, a hearth on which to place said large glass jars with candles, and a mantle to decorate at Christmastime (or any time). I will have to live vicariously through you for now, as hopefully the next house we live in will not be in this state.



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