February 08, 2014

We are just too pretty

New life path, new blog look. Fitting, right? The lovely and talented Angi is responsible for the new look. Isn’t it great? Isn't she great? Isn't everything just great?

So we’re going to Regina tomorrow. The purpose of the trip is to find a place to live (terrifying) for the next few months until we can buy our own place. The other side part of the trip is me going into the new office on Monday (Family Day in B.C. but not Saskabush) to get some stuff ready for my real first day at the beginning of March.

I hate first days.

When I flew out for my interview last month I sat in on a staff meeting and then went for lunch with a bunch of people from the office. I think I’ve met everyone at least in passing, and they should all know who I am at this point so at least the ice has been broken. So while Monday’s going to technically be my first day in the office, it’s really just another, this time slightly longer, preview of who I am. Except I’m for sure going to join the team’s proud ranks. My for realsies first day is set for March 3rd.

That’s a lot of first day potential screw ups.

Oh, you think I’m being dramatic? I have a LONG history of embarrassing myself and getting sick on my first days at work. The worst was when I worked at café and on my first day I fainted and then threw up all over the floor. Then I left them to clean it up while I cried on a downtown street corner in the middle of the day and called my mom to pick me up. They ended up letting me go a couple shifts later. First impressions really do matter, folks.

Whatever, I didn’t want that job anyway. (I really, really did. Okay, the employment, not that actual job. I hate standing all day in super hot and cramped areas.)

Then there was the time a few years before that that I fainted on one of my training shifts at Starbucks. They had to force feed me white chocolate macadamia cookie samples and sips of strawberry frappuccino. Except I ended up working there for nearly two years, so I guess vomitting is the real deal breaker.

On my second day at my current job I had to go home early because my migraine from the night before was kicking my butt way too hard. I'll never forget how unimpressed my manager looked when I begged off to go home and sleep.

And before this? When I started my new position at my last job I ended up missing my second day entirely because of a nasty cold. Fortunately that was the last time I had a cold (April) and I'd at least dragged myself to work the day before. 

So I'm going to go ahead and blame stress for everything, but I like to think I'm a much more balanced individual now. I mean, no migraines since September 10th (boo yeah!), no dairy, more exercise, acupuncture, and more stress, but it's all quite manageable at the moment.

The temptation is to bore you with all the moving details, but I think you'd rather hear about that time I puked and it was embarrassing. Which is good because I have another good story from this past summer that I'm saving for a rainy day. Heads up, it involves a windy car ride. Usually when I puke I like to make it count and have an audience.

But, in case you're dying to know, which I assume some of you might be because, hi, new blog traffic from the link to my announcement I plastered all over the Facebook, we haven't started packing yet. I got rid of eight bags of clothing/shoes (mine and Karl's) plus one bag of random crap at a clothing swap on Tuesday night. I came home with one cardigan which is growth (emotionally and physically because all my friends are now skinnier than me but I think they're all shrinking for realsies) and a bag full of empty reusable bags. Boo yeah, downsizing. I even got rid of five books. That's about five books more than I've gotten rid of in the past five years. I'm a huge book hoarder (as you know) and can't get rid of any of them. I really want to have a room with wall to wall bookshelves completely full, but unfortunately only about two shelves will be anything remotely intellectual and the rest will be Meg Cabot and fantasy novels. Because I am very dynamic.

 I think Karl's packing up some CDs right now, actually, but I wish he wouldn't. I want to box them up with books and I need to have a good sit down with my fine literature and decide what I want to keep (everything), can bear to get rid of (probably nothing else), and what I want Mom to store for me (probably everything I read when I was younger because it was so important in my formative friendless years and what if my kids want to read the same Lowly Worm books I did?) that I know she won't want to.

We've got down coats, though, and I bought a pair of Cougar winter boots.They're so cozy I want to wear them around the house as slippers. We've even booked our U-Haul and Karl's got a really nice looking job lined up. He's going to check the place out on Monday while I'm in the office and decide if he wants to commit. Then he gets to look at an apartment without me and kill a few hours by himself in a strange city where it's so cold outside that he'll die if he has a nap in the car. So exciting! The thrill of the frozen tundra.

Until next time, stay warm out there, and please tell me I'm not the only person who sucks at first days. Or maybe I am, whatever. It's a skill I can put on my resume. Like making attractive Excel spreadsheets. 


  1. Ahh your blog looks great!

    I'm loving these awkward first day stories. I can't believe you puked all over the floor! I would've died. That tops all of my awkward work stories.

    Good luck with all the moving preparations. It's the absolute worst. And don't feel bad...I have a wall of bookshelves filled with books I've hauled all over the country with me that I'll never get rid of.

  2. The new blog design looks awesome!!

    Good luck on all of the new adventures...I hope your official first day goes without any sickness or fainting!


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