January 21, 2014

Big news for Team Morton

The past five weeks have been incredibly stressful for Karl and I and it all came to a head today.

Five weeks ago, Karl and I were getting ready for Christmas, thinking about buying a house, and expecting to live our little lives along the same track they've been on for the past few years, living happily in Victoria. Then I got phone a call about a job opportunity in Regina.

Long story short, I had a four day window to apply for a job two provinces over with an organization that I would kill to work with here. So I did. And a week later I interviewed for it. Two weeks later I was invited to fly out to Regina to interview in person for the position. Now, less than a week later, Karl and I ready to take the plunge.

Yep, the Mortons are moving to Saskatchewan.

While we are both madly in love with Victoria (the Hawaii of Canada), we're willing to make the move to Regina (the armpit of Canada, but maybe that's Saskatoon so at the very least it's the elbow) for such a big career move.

The position I'll be going into is a HUGE step up. And if that's not enough to convince you that I'm excited, trust me when I say that I was seriously doubting if I would ever make it this far (at least financially) over the next 30 years before I retire. You know, just for some perspective.

Karl's making some big personal decisions, too. I mean, aside from the obvious. He's selling his Mustang. His first car, his collector's item. I thought he was going to ask to be buried it in when he died. I was always afraid that if I made him choose between me and the car I'd end up alone. Truly, I never thought this day would come. Yep, we're all in.

You know, I was feeling like I was in a bit of a rut with my life. Normally that's when I'd go to the hair dresser and get her to chop it all off. I've already done that, though, so there's not a lot of room to go shorter. I guess this will have to do, though.

I start at the beginning of March, so we'll be packing up and heading away from the coast at the end of February.

We've been really stressed out, and I wasn't even sure whether I wanted to go until I went out there for my interview. We always said that the only reason we'd leave Victoria would be for a big career move for me. Karl's a mechanic so his career can go anywhere and we're not anticipating him having any trouble finding work. I just can't believe this opportunity actually came. It wasn't until I actually got to Regina and sat in on a staff meeting that I knew we could do it. God has given us such an amazing opportunity and we're not going to waste it.

I know it's going to be tough, but we have the tools to do it. We started going to a new church over the summer and have met some really wonderful people. We're disappointed that we won't be around to continue building into all the new relationships we've been making, but it was an important lesson to us that we can, in fact, do it. I didn't even know we had it in us. Besides, thanks to technology it's easy to keep in touch with everyone. The number of baby photos on my phone attests to that.

We've had an army of people praying for us along the way. At first we just told our parents and a few select others, then as things progressed with the interview process we started telling more people and asking them to pray for us. We didn't tell too many people, though, because didn't want to make a big deal of it if it fizzled out.

The thing is, I know a lot of people move away from their families all the time, but if you're doing it for the first time it's really, really hard. Five weeks of stress hard. Ugly crying hard. Now that we know, though, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. Having so many people praying for us, and knowing that God is faithful and has a plan for us, has really brought a certain amount of peace over the whole thing. And we've got motivational mugs to help get us through it all when we forget that.


  1. Sounds like you are listening to the right voices... God Bless you Both. !! Paul's daughter, son in law and 4 kids, just moved to Victoria from Regina...The kids have done well over the many years prior to their move here and miss Regina allot still. There is a purpose for all this and I know the Lord is with you., but , I will pray to remind the guardian angels to watch over you . It is time to continue the journey, and say goodbye to your youth...This does come about a few times throughout our lives and you have made a step of Faith that I know is right for you... Check your hearts. see ?, ya just know , right ? please let us know where you live when set up.. Much love, Auntie Mim and Uncle Paul

  2. Have I mentioned I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!?

  3. Anna I'm so happy for you!! Is Regina close to Ohio by any chance? Because I could really use a knitting buddy ;)

    I've done several cross-country moves, so I completely understand. BRUTAL. And terrifying. But so exciting. What will you be doing?

  4. That is awesome!!! Congratulations Anna!! I haven't moved far so I can't empathize with you, but I know you'll both get through it all in one piece. Although, now I won't have a reason to visit Victoria!


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