January 19, 2014

With my own two hands 2.0

I just put our Christmas tree away so I might as well stop putting off something else I've been meaning to do. I mean, mourning the loss of the tree isn't going to get me anywhere.

I posted in May about what I had created so far in 2013 and this is part two of that little saga. This part is actually the better part because there are babies.

I started off the second portion of 2013 by doing a little knitting for an international model, but sadly I don't have any pictures of her wearing my wares so you've just going to have to settle for a weird one of me, which you might recognize.

This bad boy made its way to Alaska and the lovely Angi. She wore it better, but you'll just have to trust me on this one.

So 2012 was the year that everyone announced their pregnancy. Every. Single. Person. And those that didn't announced it in 2013. For some perspective, there were five babies born in the last half of the year for people I'm close with. They showed up sometime between July 15th and December 1st. That's like a full basketball team. A full, properly gender mixed basketball team at that, too.

When my buddy Calvin was born in 2012 I made him a blanket. After that I just kind of kept going with the baby blankets. I mean, there were only two babies in 2012 so that was no big thang, but this year I had a challenge indeed.

First came Raya (Ray-ahhhh).

This picture does this child zero justice. She might be one of the most beautiful babies ever (but actually), but here she looks kind of freaky.

The blanket in its less-than-natural habitat.

Then there was little Leo a month and a half later.

Clearly he loves it.

This one was my biggest disappointment. It wasn't very big, it didn't look as nice as I'd hoped, and I was almost embarrassed giving it away. Apparently babies and their mommas actually don't mind little blankets because they're good for car seats as you can see. Or at least that's what people keep telling me.

Then there was Karleigh Belle.

I haven't met her yet because she's in Ontario, but this girl has some pretty excellent style already. 

Victor was next.

This pattern is one of my favourites (this being my third time making it). Victor is totally into it too, as you demonstrated by his fist pump.

I, too, am really into it.

Last but not least of the babies is my nephew Michael.

Michael knows where the beach is.

Like the hat? This blanket I can't take any credit for.

While we're on the subject of hats, I whipped up a couple others over Christmas, too.

One for Calvin...
(I unashamedly ripped this picture off Larissa's blog.)

And one for Victor.

Okay, here's a double whammy of Victor with his blanket AND his hat.

I also made Calvin a pair of mittens. Knitting happens during lazy Alberta holidays. Three hats and one pair mittens. Not bad, not bad.

That's exactly how I feel about mittens, too.

And then, of course... I should mention this:

This photo is proof that you can smile about anything later. 

Aaaaaand, I almost forgot, but I whipped one of these bad boys together for a Secret Santa gift. It was pumpkin coloured and I completely blanked on taking a picture. It was the first truly symmetrical Rae I've made yet. Success!

No baby blankets on schedule for 2014 yet, but we just got started and people love to procreate. Right now I'm finally working on a sweater for myself, but the world is my knitting oyster and the possibilities are endless for the rest of the year. And this sweater? It should be done by the end of the January instead of taking six months.


  1. You are a baby blanket machine!!!! I need someone to have a baby so I can crochet them a blanket...I feel like I know a lot of pregnant bloggers but nobody in real life who is pregnant. Maybe I'm next in line, who knows. THEY CAN WAIT.

    I love the cowl. Even though I can't get to my tea when I'm wearing it. ;)

  2. I am obsessed with that cowl. Obsessed.

    There are a crap ton of babies in your life. There are absolutely zero in mine.

  3. Wow, that's so impressive! I wish I could actually knit. We have three knitted/crocheted baby blankets and I absolutely LOVE them.


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