December 21, 2012

In which I rant. (Sorry...)

So. New job. New job almost made me cry today. Silly me forgot that you only get paid for statutory holidays if you work for 15 of the last 30 days before and have been employed for 30 days (I think that last part's true, I'm clearly a terrible HR person). Guess who doesn't fit that criteria. Me. Guess who has the 25th, 26th, and 1st off as stats. Me. Guess who loses 3 days pay. Yep, me.

If we weren't right in the middle of our budget and hadn't been told two days ago that we're now at the "save 15% of your income for retirement" stage, I'd probably be okay. But we are at that stage, and right after I'd gotten into a routine with our current budget and house savings, plus I'm now going to be missing a substantial portion of my next paycheck. If I'd left my other job and started here the day after being offered the position I might have at least gotten New Years as a stat. Being on salary for a year I didn't even think of no getting stat pay. I don't think I'll start another job right before Christmas again.

I didn't cry because I'm a big girl and my makeup would run, but I almost did. Clearly I need to take a little budgeting chill pill. January is going to be a lean, lean month. Okay, I might cry later.

Aside from that, though, I have two days off (known as the weekend), a half day, and then two (slightly less than originally planned due to NOT BEING PAID) glorious days to celebrate Christmas. Okay, Christmas will still be glorious and I won't even stress about the not getting paid thing, but it sure threw a wrench in things. Pretty sure once I talk to Karl about it I'll feel better. Sadly, that's several hours away.

Anyway, Christmas. I hear that's coming soon. Tonight I'm going to celebrate the coming festivities by wrapping presents, finishing off my cookie making, and actually blogging about Christmas. I'm looking forward to it. It feels weird not coming on here all the time and reading other blogs that I've been enjoying. I'm pretty much out of touch with the world that isn't right in front of my face in a non-computer form. I guess the world will still turn.

Man, lunch hour blog posts are really not that good or uplifting. Apologies. Really, I'm happy and uplifted, but not in my midday rut. Now I'm thinking I should have used my lunch break for an under the desk power nap. Ah, hindsight combined with the joys of having a cubicle.


  1. Aw that's such a bummer about your pay situation!! I know how you feel. When I started this job, I had no idea that our pay periods are weird...for instance, we get paid for the 1st-15th on the 1st of the NEXT month. I started on June 16th...which meant I was expecting my first paycheck on July 1st. Nope. I didn't get paid until JULY 16TH. That's a whole month without a paycheck.

    I DID cry. It was a very tight month, budget-wise!!!

    That said - Christmas. Don't think about stressful things like not getting paid. That can wait until the holidays are over. :) It's CHRISTMAS!!!!

  2. :( Such a bummer, it's frustrating when stuff like that happen. Enjoy the holidays and things will be just fine. :)

  3. Oh man, this EXACT situation happened to me last year. I started my current job last December and didn't get paid for holidays and the half days even. It was awful, and like Angi I also went a month without a paycheck. It was rough but you'll get through it! A few unpaid days won't make your or break you, that I can promise. Enjoy Christmas and try not to worry about it!


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