December 22, 2012

So, you want to know about what we do for Christmas?

Boom. Christmas. Here we go!

First of all, I wrapped presents tonight. It was glorious except for the movie we were watching. Bad zombie movies are right up there with cheesy Christmas movies in my books, but tonight's movie was horrible. As in it's going on my worst ever movie list. Dead Genesis. Don't ever think about watching it.

After the horrible movie debacle that we ended up "toughing out" Karl decided he wanted to watch Duck Dynasty. I got mad and left. So now I'm drinking eggnog, buying Christmas latrines, and listening to Christmas music. I'm better now.

So the wonderful Angi has posted a couple of these things about Christmas and I'm going to do the same. It's about freaking (Christmas) time. FYI, this post is going to have a "to be continued" section because I want to make it all drawn out and stuff. Otherwise it'd just be really long. Really long and Christmasy. Now you can take a nap or something and not lost your place. You're welcome. Still, I'm all about being long winded and only the troopers make it through. And that's clearly you, so I love you. Platonically and all that. It's also past my bedtime and I'm just going to keep on going. You've been warned.

Okay, let's do this.

1. Describe Christmas morning in your house as a child.

Christmas was different over the years. I'm an only child with separated parents that didn't initially get along, then did, and now don't. We've come full circle. Anyway, the Christmas tradition I most remember was my Dad coming over Christmas day to Mom's (sometimes sleeping over on the couch) and then the three of us doing the gift opening and socializing. Before that, though, I would get up obscenely early (one year at 1 am) and open my stocking. Then, because it was just the three of us with no family or close enough friends around I'd get mega bored by the afternoon. Christmas was bitter sweet growing up. Every year it was always a bit different. That's what happens in broken homes. That and an appalling amount of gifts.

2. What's your most memorable Christmas gift?

Hard to say. When I was in my mid-teens my Dad gave me an amp. I was totally confused  until he gave me a bass guitar to go along with it. That was shocking, to say the least. Also very cool.

One thing I really remember growing up was getting the whole Gargoyles action figures. I think that happened two years in a row. It was amazing. I still have them somewhere.

3. Did you believe in Santa as a child? Do you plan on using Santa with your own children?

Yes and no. I'm a very trusting person which is why liars are on the top of my list of things I can't handle (including spiders and pickles, in no particular order). Once I found out that Santa and the Easter Bunny were just my parents straight up lying to my face after I'd directly asked them the truth, I was choked. I might have thrown a hysterical fit. That was a rough Easter.

I don't plan on lying to my progeny. I know how poorly I handled it and since they'll be mini mes and I'll teach them to trust people (but also be wary) I don't want to lie to them. There's no heartbreak like realizing a giant rabbit hasn't been hiding chocolate in your house. Trust me, no child should have to go through that.

4. What's your favourite holiday treat?

Whatever. I love baked goods. I had some peanut brittle the other day which I really didn't like, but I think that's a peanut thing. It's also not a baked good. Seriously, I'm an addict. I have no favourite, although this year I'm rediscovering shortbread. It's making me really glad I'm also rediscovering running. My guilt is minimized.

5. How will you spend Christmas day this year?

I'm going to answer this for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Christmas eve I'm going to work half the day (I don't want to talk about it) then Karl and I are going to head over to my dad's and spend Christmas with him, since my parents aren't on the greatest terms this year. (I'm okay with it, Dad, don't worry.) This is the first year we're doing this so it's a new tradition.

Christmas day we'll head upstairs to Mom's in the morning, maybe watch a movie, eat some scones or something, then open gifts. It'll be a nice time where Karl spikes his Baileys with coffee. Then, come early afternoon, we'll make the long 15 minute drive over to Karl's side of the family where we'll wish each other awkward season's greetings and listen to his younger brother (25) whine about how we held up the Christmas show. Then we'll eat an untraditional Christmas dinner (because Karl's mom doesn't use cranberry sauce from a can) and watch movies. 

That's just how we roll.


  1. I'm an only child too! I had forgotten about how boring some Christmas afternoons could be. Thanks for the reminder!

    I have to work a half day on Christmas Eve, too. I know. There were tantrums.

  2. I agree that baked goods are the best!!! :)

  3. Haha - love all your answers!! I had a sister but our Christmas afternoons were still really boring. We didn't always get along so well, my dad usually retreated to his computer and my mom would...I honestly don't know what my mom used to do. Your Christmas Eve/Christmas day sounds about as awkward as ours would be if we didn't just spend it by ourselves. Heheh.


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