December 03, 2012

I'm that person.

Our budgeting is kicking it up a notch. I know, you love reading about budgeting. Um, who wouldn't? Just kidding. I just thought I'd share with you that even though we got home just before midnight last night from a supplementary budgeting software session how-to it didn't end there. I woke up at 6:10 this morning and rolled over to look at the clock only to realize that not only did I only have less than an hour left of glorious sleep but that I had also spent the entire night reconciling bank accounts in Quicken. In my sleep. Yeah. And then because my brain loves me so much, once I'd finished reconciling our own bank accounts I volunteered to do other peoples'. Subconscious me is very giving with her time.

The best part of all that? While I slept and reconciled until the cows came home it didn't actually accomplish anything in the real, waking world. So tonight I get to reconcile my buns off, too. Good thing I'll watch Castle before bed to cleanse my brain palette. Hopefully.

This weekend I reconnected with my bed and my husband. Before you get freaked out, I'm just talking about sleep. For the first time in practically three months we both got to sleep past seven am. And it happened two days in a row. I'd forgotten how amazing it was to actually be on a normal person's schedule.

Mom met with the surgeon on Wednesday and she's now taking Furlo out in the mornings. Karl and I are now rotating evenings. Let me just say, starting the day without having to pick up massive dog poops is kind of amazing. 

Because of extra sleep and less dog poop in my life I kind of felt like a superhero this weekend, even though I'm coming down with some sickness. Thanks to Echinacea, Vitamin C, iron, and gummy multivitamins I haven't succumbed to germ city yet. It was close on Friday night when I went to bed before 11 because I felt like crap. Saturday morning I woke up more or less refreshed and renewed.

I'm still a touch on the germy side but I'm going to make it through unscathed I think. My yoga attendance and running schedule are going to be taking a bit of a hit, though. This is the fourth or fifth week I haven't gone to yoga but I'm not too worried. I've been diligently running so I feel like that kind of makes up for it. That and getting massages. Totally the same thing, right?

Actually, my running has been put on hold since Thursday. I ran Wednesday night and it was my last under 25 minute run (run ten, walk three, run ten) of my program. Yeah. Saturday afternoon was going to be my first 25 minute run. I was going to do it, die, then go celebrate with birthday cake at a friends' kid's birthday party. Makes sense, right?

I guess I hurt myself during my Wednesday run through too much impact on the right ball of my foot. It's all speculation, but I can't imagine how else I might have done it. By midday Thursday I was limping around the office on what felt like a bruised ball of my right foot. Sports related injury! Since then I've been taking it easy and wearing comfier shoes. 25 minutes will be hard no matter what, and limping through it isn't likely to add to the fun factor. It's almost back to normal now, though. Midday Thursday I also got hit with a case of the super tireds and slightly achy. Because who doesn't want to come down with the sickness right before starting a new job? For the record, I don't do exercise when I'm not feeling well. I power walked to work this year right before I got the flu. I thought I was going to die thousand deaths.

I already talked about my sickness. Because following a logical time line is just absurd. It's Monday, after all.

Overall the weekend was good. I got in more relaxing time than anticipated, and spent my entire Saturday morning knitting and catching up on television. Part of that was planned because of the aforementioned birthday party Saturday afternoon. I opted out of buying presents and instead made a toque for the two year old birthday boy. Which, by the way, blows my mind. How have my friends gone from being pregnant to having two year olds? It isn't logical.

It turns out, giving two year olds clothes isn't as popular as giving new borns or even one year olds clothes. Who knew? I felt kind of like "that person" after everyone else gave Clark (two years old!) toys and I presented him with a questionably sized toque. I have no idea what toddlers heads' are shaped/sized like. Apparently I nailed it. (Answer: Wider than you'd think, but also kind of shallow.) Good thing, too, because I finished a ball of yarn I'd had hanging around for awhile.

Even though Clark ripped the toque off the second his mom put it on him, opting instead to play with his Thomas cake topper, apparently he likes it a lot and wore it today. No big thing. And you know what? I guess I don't mind being the person that gives clothes when what you really want is Thomas the Tank Engine everything. It just means I got to break the bank to buy some Superman wrapping paper. And by break the bank I mean spend $5 on a glorified bag. Totally justifiable. That and I get to watch an obscene amount of Once Upon a Time and Revolution on a Saturday morning. 

(Is anyone else totally blown away that Thomas the Tank Engine is still popular? I was never big into Thomas but apparently he's been around forever. Now that's what I call good marketing.)

I also had a decaf coffee today from Tim's. Decaf coffee is just as potent to the non-caffeinated as the real stuff used to be. Without the brain explosions. I have since crashed. Is it bed time yet?

Today is my last Monday of actually watching Douglas street. Let the countdown begin.


  1. 1913?! Next year is Thomas' centennial!

    Also, if I were a two year old, I would prefer clothes to toys. Or at least I would for my own toddler.

    1. Buying/making clothes is also way more fun. Mostly because as an adult I won't play with toys but I will totally stare at children in as non-creepy a way as possible.

  2. I don't know how you do finance classes until almost midnight. I love budgeting and Dave Ramsay and all that jazz, but my brain shuts off at 10pm sharp and I can't think about money or anything else after that!!

    As far as the kid...I think a hat is a perfect idea. It is almost winter, after all, and 2 yrs old is old enough to enjoy having his own hat. It'll probably still fit him for a year or so anyway.

    Speaking of weird, our friends are having a birthday party for their almost-EIGHT year old this week. THAT is weird.


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