December 03, 2012

I dreamed a dream.

This dream isn't new but I had to share it. Mostly because I was just thinking about Glee.

Whether you like Glee or not (and I am officially on the fence now) you have to admit that it used to be pretty fun. The first half of the first season was kind of like television took everything I ever loved (minus space westerns and cheesy sci-fi/zombie things) and rolled it into a 60 minute time slot on television. Singing? Check. Hilarity? Check. Awkward high school mockery? Double check. So good! It was like the high school I almost wish I'd gone to. Except some of the characters intimidated me. I'm realistic here. I also can't sing.

The point is, when Finn and Rachel sang "Don't Stop Believing" it was pretty epic. Don't tell me you didn't want to dance around your living room singing along to it. Because I just won't believe you. Mostly I just don't want to believe we live in a world like that.

Anyway, I liked Finn. I know he's fictional but I thought he made the show. He was so good with the being kind of dumb (which you're allowed to say about television characters because it's true), totally sincere, naive, and kind of charming thing. I liked his voice. I guess I still do.

Anyway, one night I dreamt I was laying the middle of my friend's cul-de-sac, singing a variation of the beginning of "Don't Stop Believing" with Rachel and Finn. You know, the part with the "ba ba ba ba" "da da da da da" or whatevers? Yeah, that part. We were doing different variations of it. It was basically music making awesome. It was just us, the night time sky, the middle of a moderately well-trafficked road, and our music.

It was a very happy moment for me. Even though it wasn't real.

I hope we can still be friends now that I've bared my soul from four years ago to you.

Okay, now you get to share your weird television singing dream or equivalent thereof. I dare you.

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  1. I love this post!! Definitely made me smile.


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