November 29, 2012

In which I ramble on.

Me today:

Just kidding. That's me 5 1/2 years ago. That's me how I feel today.

This morning I woke up and was more tired than usual. On the bright side, it felt more like Wednesday than Thursday. If that's not good news, what is?

I also seem to have a bit of a bruise between the pointer finger and middle finger knuckles on my right hand. I think this might have something to do with my rigorous running. Because I'm secretly training for the zombie apocalypse (laser eyes, toiletry hoarding, running, etc) I can only assume that I unwittingly took it to the next level last night maybe punched a few trees in the tree faces.

Or I might have just clenched my fists a little too tightly at the dentist yesterday. Whatevs.

I also feel like the ball of my right foot is bruised. I've actually done that before by jumping in a lake and landing on a rock. It was one of those shake your head and wonder how on earth that even happens moments. Since I haven't been jumping into any lakes lately I'm going to assume that it's the running. I'm also going to assume that it's not a bruise but that my foot is just tired. So I've been hobbling.

All I really want to do this afternoon is sit at my desk, nap a little (under the desk), knit a little, drink a little decaf coffee, and eat. There is so much food in the office right now but I'm not even hungry. Doesn't a shortbread cookie with a chocolate chip muffin for desert appealing? Washed down with a little coffee? Massage my feet and I'm in Heaven!

So you know that we're going through Financial Peace University. It's amazing, for the record, and I highly highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you're like us and have never struggled with debt and have been pretty money smart you could still benefit from it. Like actually. If you're not really money smart, well, you could benefit from it even more. And Dave Ramsey's funny. Who doesn't like funny?

Well last night at FPU (as I shall now refer to it because it's a heck of a lot less typing) we were given some homework. For Sunday. Tonight is jam packed of busy and so is Saturday, so that leaves Friday night. Friday night is no longer dedicated to an intimate living room screening of Love Actually. It's going to be an evening of fun in the form of budgeting, Quicken, and making a practice stock portfolio. Sorry, it's invite only. Someday we'll be living in a house that we own which will make it all worth it. Until then, we'll spend our Friday nights arguing over finances. Lovingly.

Okay, I added a little sanity check in there in the form of a Skype date with my favourite Edmonton family. Because Calvin must never forget who we are. It's hard to buy the love of a 7 1/2 month old when he doesn't remember you. I'm hoping his baby brain does. We may need to tape a picture of us up in his crib. Our Christmas card, maybe? Too far? Just throwing ideas out there.

My boss has been out for lunch since noon. It's now 3. If I were a boss I would never come into the office except to interview people and fire them. And maybe to sit in my boss' chair and "supervise" while I was really playing Angry Birds Star Wars. What up, Piggy Death Star!

Right. Speaking of interviewing, people have been coming in to drop off their resumes for the past two days, and will continue to do so tomorrow. You know, to replace me. I should have thought a little bit harder about how I wanted to present myself to them, just to screw with their heads. Really mean? Really nice? Really busy? I dunno. Sobbing silently behind my monitor, telling them my dog just died but my boss won't let me go home to drag him out of the street? Maybe that's too far.

In case you're wondering, I've been playing the nice/busy card. Because I am nice, really I am, and I'm not actually busy but if they noticed that I was looking up Breaking Amish reunion special recaps it might look unprofessional.

My new position will involve a bit of screening candidates, and I just remembered how much fun that is. Recruiting and trying to steal companies' employees not so much, but weeding out resumes and people? So fun. People just walk in and usually right away you can tell whether they're worth talking to. I mean, it's all about how you carry yourself, how you say hello and whether you awkwardly throw your resume at me and sprint for the door or are happy to sit and chat for a minute with the boss. I think that's why I excel so much at interviews. Or something. I mean, my last two were raging successes. Thank God.

Is it strange that I compare myself to new candidates? I've had a couple people tell me they don't want me to leave. Then I have to pick my heart off the floor because it just melted. New me has some big shoes to fill. Just kidding, I don't think it'll be hard. Less than seven work days left here. Insanity.


  1. would be SO HARD to not mess with new employees. Mostly just the ones that you can tell within 3 seconds will NOT be getting hired.

    Today is definitely a chocolate/coffee/yarn day.

  2. Ok I have bruised the bottom of my foot and it is the worst feeling!!

  3. Calvin still doesn't have a mobile in his room. I could just hang a bunch of photos of you from the ceiling and let them twirl around in the ever present central air draft. His very own Morton Mobile.

  4. Hahaha, looking up Breaking Amish recaps. I look busy at work by blogging.

    I think screening candidates would be so fun! I get to look through resumes occasionally, but that's about it. It's frightening how flat out horrible most of them are.

  5. Good luck in the new position and also with the zombie apocalypse training :)

    GREAT blog you have.


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