November 20, 2012

This is new and exciting.

Okay guys, this is it. Things are getting crazy up in here.

A lot of bloggers do giveaways. I don't consider myself a blogger so much as a person that blogs because her day job is way too freaking boring not to. And I have a lot of feelings and wit that need to be shared. I started this blog almost a year ago because I really wanted to. Plain and simple. I didn't do it because I wanted to be a part of the bigger blogging community, promote myself, or even make money off of it. That's all good, too, because my readership is low and I really don't mind.

I blog because I want to and I do it for me. I do what I want and that doesn't usually involve doing linkups or whatever else unless I want it to. That's not to say that I don't appreciate those of you that read my blog and, even better, comment. It gives me the warm fuzzies, especially since I've never even met you but you still seem to like me. Actually, that might be why you like me. It might also be why I like you.

The point is, I like you and you like me and we have come together here through this blog to share something special. Me, you, polka dots, and pictures of my bathroom.

So I want to do a giveaway. Think of it as an almost one year of blogging hurrah. Whether you've been with me from the awkward beginning or are brand spanking new and getting going in the awkward present, it's all good.

I don't care where you're from, if you live in the same town as me or in another country, I just want to give you something I've made. I've found that most giveaways ask you to share and promote them. I'm not going to ask you to do that unless you want to. All you have to do is leave a comment with your favourite colour (or a colour you'd like the prize in). Easy peasy. You should also say something nice while you're leaving that comment. Just because. My blog my rules. Please note, you can only enter once. Otherwise I'll just get annoyed.

The giveaway will run for one week, and at the end I'll contact the winner to get their mailing information. It'll take me about a week (possibly two if life gets crazy town) to make the prize in the winner's chosen colour, then I'll send it off through the mail in an economical fashion. Sure, you'll be waiting a month to get your prize, but just think how excited you'll be when you get it in the mail and it's like Christmas all over again.

So what's the prize? I'm glad you asked! See what I'm wearing? You get that except better because it'll be yours.

For the record, I'm pretty sure a guy could look just as sassy in this scarf as I do. I'm also sorry for making that face at you.

Happy times and good luck!

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Yeah, you could look this darling, too. Minus the zombie mittens.


  1. Aw yay, congrats on almost-one-year-of-blogging for the best reason ever - YOU!

    Girl you got skillz w/ those knitting needles...I need to learn your ways!!!

    As far as color goes....hummmm...that is a tough one. Honestly I like the color you're wearing!! Or maybe an off-white color..."winter white" or whatever the crap it's called (which doesn't make sense to me because when I think winter and white, I think of snow, and snow that is off-white is dirty and gross).

    So yeah. Either the color you're wearing, or dirty-snow-white. I'll let you know what I decide when I win.

  2. I think you have far surpassed me in knitting skills and dedication! I'm with Angi - dirtysnow white sounds nice, or grey or teal or mustard or dark orange... really any colour. I think I'm feeling inspired to knit again.

    1. Sometimes the apprentice becomes the master. Haven't you seen the Dark Knight?

      It seems like you've been doing other crafty things aside from sewing. Crinkly owls? Seriously?

  3. You can make that?! Wow. And in a week or two?? I would definitely choose...a nice bright purple or pinkish-purple would be cool. You know me--I'm not a big one for civilized colors like off-white. :P

  4. I love it!!!!!! :) Thanks for hosting such a wonderful giveaway. :)

  5. Jealous of your knitting skills! I think I might have to pick up my knitting needles this weekend! I would choose a dark grey or black maybe? Neutral so it will go with everything :)

  6. Colour I would choose: a cozy, warm creamy colour

    Something nice to say: You make me laugh daily

    Also, has it really been two years?! That's nuts! Yay for you for keeping it up and always having something fresh to share. :)

    1. I mean one year. You know what I mean. I have cookie brain today.


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