November 19, 2012

Is that... the Christmas spirit coming my way?

To share or not to share. That's something I struggle with. I don't want to over share. But heck, today I just might do that a little.

I applied for a job a couple weeks ago that I want with every fiber of my being. It is a step in the direction of what I think I'd like to do with my career. It is a position that combines my education and what I have been doing for the last year of my life. I want this job so, so bad. There is a also a pay moderate pay increase, but in the grand scheme of things that isn't what motivates me.

I have never had a job before where looking for other employment is encouraged. I've always felt like I'm doing something naughty applying for other positions. When I got a call last week inviting me for an interview, I almost died. I didn't tell anyone at work because I felt like they would treat me differently and start thinking about replacing me. Let's be honest, I'm awesome but my job is not difficult.

My lady boss (second in command) was chatting with me today at lunch and asked me if I'd thought about the future. I had to tell her about my interview coming up on Wednesday. These people here are good people that genuinely want the best for each other. She encouraged me. My boss came and congratulated me later on my interview and told me in no uncertain terms that if this is the job for me I need to go and do it. If they need me to start in 24 hours no to risk that for two weeks notice. He also told me that if this isn't the job for me, I'm staying here.

Seriously. I almost got choked up. I have the warm fuzzies all over.

Tonight is our staff Christmas party and finally I'm starting to feel that season of love. I don't care how cheesy that sounds.

I also just bonded with the new girl over what we're going to wear tonight. God is good. It's the little things.

I'm thrilled that I work in a place where I'm encouraged to go after my dreams, but I'm also terrified. So, if you don't mind, maybe you could pray for me. This is not a job that will come up again for another year. The industry is small, and I want this position so badly.

Wednesday, 1 pm pacific time. I'll be trying to charm the job right out from under those people. Think of me?


  1. I am so excited for you and the anticipation this brings! I will for sure pray it goes splendidly!

  2. Fingers crossed!!!!
    I hope you get it ;)

    Just came across your blog, I like it!


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