November 20, 2012

Christmas partying.

Last night was our office Christmas party. It was so early because my boss and his wife are supposed to have a baby mid-December, but are thinking he's going to come early. I hope he does, too, because then he won't have to share a birthday with Jesus.

The party was held at a really nice restaurant in town. The whole thing was amazing.

The dress code called for semi formal, which my boss described as nicer than jeans, but khakis were acceptable. Everyone brought their A game, thankfully. For the first time in my life I had a hard time figuring out what to wear. I had three dresses that were all gorgeous and craving more use. I ended up nixing my originally intended dress, which I'd gotten off of Larissa before she moved, because I was somewhat lacking in the chest area. All it needs is a super simple adjustment to the bust that even I can do, but I wasn't sure I was up for it last night.

I was struck by how much of a first world problem having three awesome dresses to wear to a fancy Christmas party was. I ended up nixing the dress I wore to a wedding in February, not because it wasn't fantastic, but because I wanted to keep it on the table for my interview tomorrow. It's from Esprit, and once I belt it and add a cardigan I'll definitely have my work wear A game on. Like a boss. Or an administrative assistant, hopefully. But not a bossy administrative assistant. Unless that's what they're looking for, because I am an only child, you know.

Don't stress about it. Don't stress about it. Don't stress about it.

Seriously, after talking with him yesterday I was already thoroughly convinced that my boss is a super nice person, but after seeing the party he puts on for us, I am now doubly convinced.

Since yesterday was the Christmas party I put up the office Christmas tree today. It's only about four feet tall. I remember when I started here last year, the week before Christmas. The tree was up and decorated and I was struck by just how nice it was. That look did not get recreated this holiday season.

This year the tree has less decorations than last year (I got hungry and decided that it was decorated enough) and the lights aren't quite as pretty. I have to tell you, I officially hate stringing lights on trees. I tried three times to get the lights to look good, and finally decided that "good enough" was good enough for me. I'm so glad our mini tree is pre-lit. The office tree is also a little crooked, but only from one angle. I like to think I bring the festive fun to the office. Maybe the slacker festive fun. It still looks good, though. I just lack that decorating flair that some people have.

In true Christmas spirit I'm also watching a building across the street get demolished. Crooked trees, crooked buildings, isn't this what Christmas is all about?

And in case you missed it earlier, I want to give you something. It's not creepy, it's just a giveaway.


  1. I hope your boss' kid comes early, too. You can't really hold a candle to Jesus when it comes to birthdays.

  2. Ha! What is up with those lights? They do give me a hard time too, I refuse to take the blame on their crookeness.. they want to be like that, I swear.
    Glad the party was nice, your boss does sound nice... oh yeah, DONT STRESS! ;)

    1. Crookedness*... obviously I was hungry and ate that "d"

  3. I hate stringing lights on trees too! It's so frustrating.


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