November 19, 2012

My secret shame.

Okay, I have to be honest. I procrastinate. It's been ages since I told you I was going to organize our bedroom dressers. Well, we did and the results were okay. I kept wanting to post photos of the amazing "after" photos but they never happened. Our dressers never reached clean dresser nirvana and I didn't want to show anything less than impressive. Saturday night I realized that dresser nirvana is probably a long ways away and that where we're at right now could be a heck of a lot worse. So without further ado, I give you the befores (please leave your judgement at the door) and afters.



Gross. There's a lot of random crap on these dressers. Including some garbage.

Close up of Karl's dresser. That's mostly my stuff on it.

Above shot of my dresser. Are judging me right now? If you aren't, go ahead.

I wanted to put up some shelves to deal with the disaster. Our bedroom is really really small, so we need to make space where we can.

I was fully into my "spray paint every single thing" faze at this point so I attacked those shelves with fervour. And Krylon.

They paint kept flaking off so Karl eventually sanded them and repainted those bad boys. I was a sad camper. In the end, they're blue and that's all that matters.

Looking at these pictures makes me want to gouge out my eyes and go crawl under a rock so I can die alone. It's embarrassing. I'd clean our dressers once in a while but could never maintain it because nothing had a home and there was just so much stuff.

This is some of the contents of the top of our dressers, sitting on the kitchen table waiting to get sorted as the shelves went up. For the record, the cake dome was not actually under that pile of junk.

One up...

Two up.
For the record, I didn't want the shelf above Karl's dresser to be quite so high. It looks kind of weird, but that's how it happened.

In retrospect I'm not so sure how I feel about my colour choices when it comes to the brackets and shelves. I think they look a little childish, but it's nice to have some colour in our washed out neutral coloured bedroom.In other words, they are way too much work to rethink at this point. We don't spend a lot of time in our bedroom, either. I don't find that they mock me or anything, so they're okay for now.


Immediately after. Falsely clean and unused.

Now. It's messier than I'd like, but once those two pictures on Karl's dresser get put up somewhere it'll be much better. I'm also thinking we'll use his shelf for the stuffed animals we've kept.

It's still a work in progress, but it's been two months since we put up the shelves and, as you can see, things are not nearly as miserable as they could have been. My dresser is pretty much the way it will always be with a couple things out of place. I like to call it "cozy chaos." All that stuff I use or at least delude myself into thinking I use. Believe it or not, I got rid of a lot of crap. Including three of these:

I kept one for touch ups, but I have no idea why there are four different colours of the same foundation. I think it's safe to assume that younger Anna really didn't have a clue about makeup. 

Now that you've seen my crappy phone pictures of my disgusting bedroom mess I hope we can still be friends. Thank you for judging me leniently, and thank you for being here today. (Princess Diaries, anyone?)

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  1. Not too shabby!!! I can relate to the clutter. That's what our closet looks like right now. So don't feel bad.

    Your after pictures look pretty spiffy though, and I for one am a fan of your color choices (the more color, the better!). I think that bigger print should stay underneath Karl's shelf, leaning against the wall. It matches the brackets and it makes the shelf look like it's hung that high on purpose. I am a fan of leaning artwork, anyway...It's artsy. :)


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