October 05, 2012

Booky booky book review.

I might be losing my mind today, so please excuse the overly exuberant title. Or maybe this is just what life with iron feels like.

I finished reading Size 12 and Ready to Rock the other day. As you no doubt know by now, I love me some Meg Cabot books. I have a shelf of them at home. I literally grew up with Princess Mia, although, granted, I aged a bit faster. Meg Cabot has always been my go to author for when I want to feel better about myself or simply get lost in a book. A chick-lit book, not fantasy. I seriously have yet to find another author I can so dependably rely on to entertain me when I need a break from swords and magic and whatnot.

One thing about her books, though, is that they aren't exactly meaty reads. Since she has so many of them that really isn't an issue, but it just means that I power through one in less than a week. When the final Princess Diaries book came out I made some pretty poor life and school choices. Because I HAD TO KNOW what happened. And they're addictive like female catnip.

The Heather Wells Series, which Size 12 and Ready to Rock is the fourth book in, isn't my favourite Meg Cabot series, but it's definitely not my least. I don't mind it, and I'm pretty sure I own the third book. I got it from the library, though, because I couldn't bring myself to add to an incomplete series on my shelves that I spend less time reading than I did justifying buying, and knew wasn't going to change my life. Figuratively speaking, of course.

I got it out last Tuesday and finished it exactly a week later. Remember, I was on holidays during that time and didn't read much. I enjoyed it, but I felt like it could have been better. Still, though, it was a well timed Meg Cabot fix after three and a half excruciating weeks.

Huh. It seems that's all I have to say on the subject.

I am now reading Where the Heart is. It's an Oprah's Book Club pick and about a woman who has a baby in Walmart. I'm still on the fence.


  1. I've read Where the Heart Is - I liked it alright! There's a movie, too, with Natalie Portman, that's pretty good.

    1. Really? I have a girl crush on Natalie Portman. True story. Now I'm really excited to finish the book and watch the movie.


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