September 04, 2012

Victory over the odds.

I went into the weekend feeling ready and alive to tackle the million projects I had in mind. Between laundry, dishes, hanging shelves, and finishing the paint job on the bathroom I felt like I had enough stuff to keep me busy. After all, hanging shelves in our bedroom was so much more than drilling a couple holes. It was organizing the chaos that was on top of our dressers and putting our lives back in order. Three days were going to provide the perfect combination of productivity and restful long weekend relaxation. I also had 250 pages left in my book that's due back at the library today. It was a challenge I was happy to take.

And yet, somehow, my plans always seem to fall apart.

Friday night Karl and I checked out The Bourne Legacy. It was enjoyable if a little slow at first. I'd done some research on Friday and decided that it seemed like the amount of caffeine in movie theater iced tea was negligible so I bit the bullet and had one. It was delicious. It went so well with 3/4 bag of salty salty popcorn.

It ruined my weekend.

Saturday morning started off nicely. I went for breakfast with the girls and Karl went to work on his Mustang. We were going to rendez-vu back at home around noon for some bathroom dominating action. (One should always talk about painting one's bathroom in trash talking terms.) I was full of energy after a delightful scone and a decaf coffee so I figured I'd be a go getter and pick up the ceiling paint by myself, getting a good head start on the whole painful process before Karl got home.

Well, I got halfway to Home Depot when my vision started feeling just a little off. I aborted my mission once I realized I wasn't hallucinating and that I was, in fact, getting a migraine. Yes, my nemesis was rearing its ugly head to laugh at me and all my wonderful weekend plans. It was saying, "You want to be a productive powerhouse of awesome? Well, you CAN'T!" I was not impressed. I crawled into bed, threw on a Harry Potter audio book and, after taking an Axert to help stop the pain, slept.

Long story short, I slept almost all day Saturday. More time was spent asleep than awake. I ate the only things that make me feel good when I have migraines and intense nausea: pizza, ginger ale and McDonalds. When I was awake I watched an episode of Voyager and then American Pie 2. I was sick, don't judge.

Somehow I slept Saturday night, though, and didn't toss and turn and flail and feel even worse. Sunday I woke up, still feeling the after effects of my brain's heroic (and dastardly) attempt to escape, but feeling more human than hibernating bear. Really, I was mad more than anything that my wonderful productive Saturday was ruined by half a movie theater iced tea. Life is full of painful lessons sometimes and I guess that was one I had to learn. Lesson learned, don't mess with caffeine.

We went to a different church Sunday morning and then out for lunch at one of my favourite breakfast places. I ordered bacon with my waffle. I felt like such an unhealthy rebel. The grease helps the migraine hangover, okay?

After that productivity was a go. As much as productivity can be a go when nausea and head pain still come in waves. Just roll with it, though, and understand that I was about to make up for my abysmally unproductive Saturday by dominating on Sunday. We painted that bathroom, yes we did, and I made my first meal in a wok. Yes I did. I used every single vegetable we had in our fridge and left only one carrot and half an onion behind. It was necessary after all the pizza, chicken nuggets, waffles, and bacon of the last day and a half. And ginger ale. I can't forget all the pop I drank. I guess I should also include the vindictive iced tea and 3/4 bag of movie theater popcorn from Friday night, too. Stop judging me. Popcorn was a choice, but everything else was like medicine to my nauseated soul. Even crackers didn't help settle my stomach.

Like I said, productivity was a go. After wanting to die and kill caffeine and movie theater iced teas everywhere on Saturday I was ready to start living again. I frollicked around the kitchen, attempting to stir fry it up. I tweeted like a crazy person. I laughed like a crazy person Saturday night when we went to McDonalds. There's just something so amusing about a 14 year old working that I will never understand. Call it cabin fever.

So Sunday was the end of our bathroom painting adventures and it was successful enough that I'm going to say that chapter in our lives is closed forever. Monday we hung up the shelves in our bedroom and I spent an hour or two last night trying to make some sense of everything. I took an obscene amount of before/after/during pictures of our dressers. My plan is to finish putting them back together tonight and share my BIG accomplishment tomorrow or Thursday. Right now our kitchen table makes us look like the messiest people in the world. I'm actually in awe of how much stuff was on our dressers. I am also in awe of how difficult it is to throw some things away. I'm trying to be reasonable and get rid of things I haven't used in  a year or two (or more) but it's so hard! I don't know why I used to have an aversion to finishing my face cream or foundation. I think that's another post entirely, though.

Last night I went to bed exhausted but satisfied. I debated the morality of calling in sick today to make up for my sick Saturday (not really but it almost seemed fair) so that I could finish my weekend goals. I figured I did good enough, though, even with a completely wasted day. After all, I painted the bathroom ceiling and did wall touch ups as needed (and, indeed, they really were). I spray painted, with varying degrees of success, wall shelves, brackets, and a picture frame. I did more loads of laundry than I'd care to admit. I slept. A lot more that most teenage boys would, too. I did the dishes. I made the dinner. I cleaned off the dressers (biggest job EVER). I folded some laundry. I read over 200 pages of a book. I went to a new church and didn't die (new situations make me nervous). I went to the movies. I got stuff DONE.

I applaud myself because, on top of everything else that happened, I still enjoyed my weekend and made time to sit on the porch and have dinner with my family. I still made time to do the important things in life like ride my exercise bike and go to Winners.

I took that long weekend by the horns and showed it who was the heavily drugged boss. Yes, yes I did. And better than that? I showed me.

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