September 04, 2012

Bathroom completion.

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, I decided to paint our bathroom. Armed with practically no knowledge or skills I undertook what soon became the worst decision of my summer. I regretted it almost immediately because, let's face it, for a small room a bathroom is a big pain in the backside. Especially when things like this happen:

This "thing" that happened was actually Karl.

This was not Karl.

Neither was this.

Yep, those photos broke my heart. The top two pictures are more indicative of the actual colour of the bathroom. It's nice. For grey, I find it actually quite a warm colour. Go figure.

Once I was done with the bathroom the first time it ended up looking like this:

This photo does no justice to the fact that there was paint on the ceiling and it looked kind of like the same person that attacked my toes in this past post was at it again, only this time on the walls.

I forgot to take an after picture yesterday, and I really want to wrap up the bathroom stage of my life, but it looks an awful lot like if you combine the during with the before. You'll have to stretch your imagination a little, but I believe in you. Our bathroom is a little messy right now, anyway. We had bigger fish to fry this weekend. Besides, how could you not want to look at another picture of our bathroom? It's such an under appreciated room.

Ooh... Look at the pretty bathroom! The colour of the walls really brings out the grey spots on the shower curtain. Totally intentional (not at all). I did, however, think of our shower curtain when I chose the colour. That's normal, right? Everything else is pretty much white so I figured the giant polka dot wall should probably work well with the paint. Totally cohesive.

Yes, folks, I dominated that bathroom. Karl was excellent in his cutting in abilities, and I am in love with our WHITE ceiling. Can I just say, painting a ceiling is like trying to draw an invisible person. You just kind of roll with it and hope it turns out well. I love having a shower and not seeing the dark smudges left by Karl's head on the ceiling (for now) and that the squished spider above the door that wouldn't scrub off is now covered up. Even though it's not a perfect job, it's so much better and I no longer have any painting regrets.

And if I thought before that painting a bathroom was a really cruddy way to spend a Saturday, I have certainly changed my tune. I would much rather paint a bathroom than have a migraine.

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