August 31, 2012

A look ahead.

I'm filled with joy this morning. There's no real reason, aside from the fact that it's Friday and the kick off to a long weekend. And this is day four of feeling good about my work wear. And I'm making super fun plans for a month from now.

Even though I don't have to come back to work until Tuesday I doubt I'll get any serious relaxing in. Well, tonight Karl and I are going to see the new Bourne movie, which will be nice. I'm looking forward to eating a whole bag of popcorn. I know it's not a healthy choice but it's a very rare one. And I have such a weakness for movie theater popcorn. It comes included with our movie admission (free passes) otherwise I wouldn't waste my hard earned moneys, even though I'd be tempted. I won't drink the pop, though, aside from a sip here or there, so that's a win. Since going off caffeine I don't drink regular pop anymore. I used to LOVE Coke Zero, and then did iced tea for a while. Pop is just too much sugar for me.

Tomorrow is the day I re-tackle the bathroom paint job. I did the acetone test last night and ended up just as confused as I was before. We're going to buy ceiling paint with built in primer to deal with the possible issue latex vs oil based paint. I still have no idea what's going on in that room. All I know is that the acetone nail polish remover I used got the nail polish off the wall that did not have any acetone in it. I make messes and then I clean them up.

This weekend I am also going to hang the shelves I bought and painted last weekend. They need a few more touch ups so they'll probably go up Sunday. I'll probably also try to make my nails look nice, too. Since I'll be on such a painting roll and everything. Yep, that's a lot of painting.

I did all the laundry last night. All of it. I also folded a lot of it while watching Carrier. The premise is that most of the population has died because of this highly infections disease and these four people are trying to get to Turtle Beach where they had so many fond childhood memories. For a movie where the whole world was either dead or dying I expected more zombies. It's the logical solution to a global pandemic. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that dead people were just dead people. I think I've watched too much Walking Dead. Just kidding, I love me a good zombie movie and always have. Way better than vampires.

Since I did so much laundry last night all my pants are wet. All except for a pair of dress pants and my new coloured denim. That I'm madly in love with. The thing is, how often can you get away with wearing the same pair of pants in a row? Normally I don't even think about it. I wear them for a few days and then I wash them when I do laundry. No big thing. It's not like I sweaty knees and I wear underwear. I also don't roll around in the mud.

Coloured denim is different, though. It stands out. It's like a polka dot cardigan. You can't wear a polka dot cardigan two days in a row. You can wear a grey cardigan two days in a row, but you can't wear the polka dot one because it stands out so much. Think about it. Well, today I'm wearing my new pants again and a polka dot cardigan. Only one of these items is on its second day. This morning I thought long and hard about whether dress pants or dried fig pants were the way to go. I don't want people to think "girl likes her dried fig" when they look at me. I want them to think, "girl looks good." Or something. No one in my office ever talks like that, at least not in front of me. Oh well. I feel like of all the coloured denim I could re-wear, dried fig is one of the safest since it's so muted. It's not turquoise, after all.

Finally, the plans I'm making are exciting. We're planning to visit Karl's brother and sister-in-law at the end of September, the weekend before Thanksgiving. There are few words to describe how much I'm looking forward to it. The next weekend, as of yesterday, Mom and I are going to do a little shopping state-side. It's her birthday weekend and apparently American retailers have lowered their prices so I'm excited. Not for her birthday, just in general. I've never actually done a trip to the states expressly for shopping. It seemed a little excessive. Well. Let me tell you, it's no longer just a shopping trip.

Mom's birthday is October 6th. The plan was to leave after work on Friday and head down to Bellingham. We'd stay in a discount hotel (like the thrifty skill seekers we are) and do some shopping the next day. Today I checked out the concert listings for Bellingham and the surrounding areas for the dates of our trip just to see if maybe we could sneak in a concert, too. Bands always go to Washington but it's just such a hassle to head down there for a show all the time. Only for Jars of Clay, and only to have a VIP experience.

As it turns out, the Newsboys will be playing in Bellingham October 5th. Unfortunately, there's no way we would make the concert unless we both took the day off from work. I'm already overextending my holidays as it is with our Alberta trip but I figured it would be worth it. My mom loves the Newsboys. It turns out, though, that they're actually playing an hour and a half down the road (at least according to Google maps, the source of all wisdom) in Redmond on Saturday night. And that, in case you missed it, is my mother's birthday.

Shopping and a concert? Why not!

I was giddy when I realized that our timing was going to be so marvelous. I'm not sure exactly where we'll stay what nights but let's be honest, it doesn't really matter.

My summer may have been slightly uneventful but the fall is going to wonderful. Two mini vacations in two weeks. Life is good.

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