September 17, 2012

Oh, poop.

Today started off a little... poopy, if you will. When I took Furlo out for his morning walk and poop I somehow managed to smear his pooh into the grass and then, somehow, shoved my thumb right in it. Good morning, Monday.

It wasn't too bad. At least I knew it was there and didn't accidentally get it on my face, hair, or clothes. I am a champ.

I chauffeured Mom to the doctor's today during a slightly extended early lunch break. She got her staples removed (pushing twenty, the doctor said) and I got told I'm anemic. The doctor was very serious sounding about it and told me that I pretty much have no iron at all. A little bit of iron pumping (into my mouth) and things should be tip top in no time. I now join the ranks of what feels like 80% of women everywhere in being low iron. He was really surprised when he asked if I'm really tired all the time and the answer was no. Clearly I'm an iron deficient super hero. High functioning and all that. 

Hey, if I'm going to be lacking in something it might as well not be super powers.

The doctor's office also brought about other non super hero joys. After dropping Mom off and circling to find a parking spot, I walked into the office to hear something kind of like a comedy routine going on between Mom, the receptionist, and an elderly couple. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. A little late morning hiatus from work was well worth it.

Monday really wasn't that poopy.

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