September 14, 2012


This may sound a little odd, but do you ever feel like you don't know what to do with your arms? Seriously, do you ever find yourself walking around awkwardly feeling like your arms should be doing something but they're not? And then you look down and realize your left arm is bent at the elbow for no particular reason, kind of like you're holding something, but really it's just chilling?

I feel like that all the time. Always. I think I was born to hold stuff. When I was in school it was no big thing. I'd have my coffee in one hand and my phone or books in my other. Totally natural. It doesn't look weird at all when you're carrying stuff to hold your arms bent and in front of you. Yeah it sounds weird when I explain it like that, but you're smart, you get what I'm saying.

Walking around the office I feel really self conscious about my arm placement. I know that sounds totally absurd and like absolute self nitpicking but I don't think it is. Nitpicking, that is because I know it's absurd. You know, sometimes you've had a rough couple weeks and you're mentally just not up to normal snuff and your thoughts start to wander to the absurd, like arm placement while moving, and you realize that your arms don't ever hang nicely by your side. As long as you don't rest them on your stomach you should be okay, though.

We've all seen someone run with their arms flat against their sides and know that looks weird (like a torpedo or something) so what about the person who walks with flaily or weirdly placed arms? I'm not sure about the flaily, but I'm pretty sure that I generally walk like I'm holding something, aka weirdly placed arms. Like I said, I was made to hold stuff.

Think about it. Surely I'm not the only person who sometimes feels like their arms are getting in the way. Maybe I just need more clothes with good pockets to stuff my hands in.

That reminds me of a good Newfie joke I heard once:

Where do Newfies keep their armies?

Up their sleevies!

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