August 01, 2012

Walmart Miracles.

It's hard to believe that's August already. It's August and I haven't worn the shorts I bought last summer (two summers ago?) once. This weekend will probably change that but it's hard to say. It's supposed to be hot but we're hanging out at the ocean so I'll probably be rocking the hoodies and jeans. Old school.

I also have a hat now. Look out, world!

Last night I skipped yoga for absurd reasons and ended up having quite the adventure. Is it pathetic not going to an exercise class because you're feeling like a whale compared to the other attendees? Don't answer that, I know it is. It's hard, though, when I show up in my oversized comfy shirts that I can stretch in and the really hot girls are in their skin tight Lulu Lemon gear. Yeah, the reason I hate gyms is seeping into my yoga calss, too.

I've decided that I'll remedy the apparel issue by buying my own yoga top. Not from Lulu Lemon, I still want to be able to put gas in my car, but from Joe. Because I can.

So last night my mom and I ended up having a Walmart adventure and it all began with an $8 Old Navy top. The top has some ruffles around the neckline that when washed apparently end up looking like ratty Kleenex. True story. Instead of wearing a cute shirt with a ratty neckline to work I figured I would take the domestic plunge and ask my mother for some ironing help. She's a mom, she clearly has an iron. And the mom skills.

Well, as it turns out, my mom does have an iron but it doesn't work. Shoot dang. I vaguely remembered my mother in law saying she'd give me an iron when we got married because she had two. I never jumped up and down at the prospect and was content with the knowledge that, someday, there was an iron waiting for me if and when I needed it. Naturally, that time came and I didn't have it.

Or did I?

Just as Mom and I were about to head out to Walmart (me less than enthusiastic about actually buying an iron) I saw it. There it was, sitting beside my mom's second hand food processor. An iron! And a nice one to boot.

Away we went and Mom and I ironed on top of the kitchen table covered in towel. Who can be bothered to get out one of the two ironing boards in the next room? My $8 Old Navy tank top was revitalized and given new, un-old tissue resembling life. Success!

We still went to Walmart, though. Why wouldn't we? I'm not sure what happened but it was like we had stepped into a black hole. Seriously. We had so much fun trying on clothes, looking for sandwich baggies, picking out shampoo for Karl (he will now smell piƱa coladas, FYI) and checking out the people of Walmart that before we knew it we'd been there an hour. No joke. An hour.

When we finally made it to the checkout I was worried about the inevitable damage to my bank account. It never happened, though. I only spent $20. It was a freaking Walmart miracle. Before we'd found the magical iron Karl had given me a $20 spending limit to get a new one so I felt pretty good about my free iron and Walmart score. Garbage bags and shampoo never felt so good.

Who knew that Walmart could be such a magically wonderful place to spend a Tuesday night?

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