July 30, 2012

Monday morning weekend recap time!

It's Monday morning!

Just kidding, I can't muster a genuine exclamation mark quite yet.

I had a truly wonderful weekend. Truly. Would you like a recap? Of course you would!

Friday night we were supposed to have dinner with my dad. Hurray for not having to cook! That exclamation mark is genuine. He unfortunately has been dealing with a shoulder injury, though, so had to cancel. My mom ended up stepping in and making us ribs. Hurray for not having to cook! I'm not crazy about ribs, BBQ sauce not being one of my favourite foods, but it was still nice. I then proceeded to wade through the piles of books on our living room floor and set them up by colour on our book shelves. The long and the short of it is that it wasn't a raging success and about 2/3 of the way through I realized it wasn't working for me.  I finished anyways, halfheartedly added some photos in colourful frames, and then documented the experience. I'm not sure how much I want this to be a picture blog (the answer is not much since my pictures suck and writing is easier) but I'm going to add some photos anyway so you can see what I'm talking about.

This was the worst shelf. Also, coincidentally, the worst photo.
Yes that is an unpainted baseboard. I need a house elf.

Where I started. Already unsure how to proceed. Note the horribly clashing yellow frame. 

The one part that I felt worked the most. I might just love that window now, though.
And my knitting needles. Okay, and that photo/frame.
And yes, that is a boot beer mug from my Oktoberfest bartending days.

Friday ended nicely but my poor husband had to work the next day. I don't think he was as horrified by the prospect as I was, being unable to imagine spending another boring day at my desk without a respite. What a trooper.

Saturday I slept in, rode my bike, clean my house, got a $30 haircut and didn't get scalped, ate some chocolate cake, and met the newest addition to my circle of friends. I know it was just over three months ago that little Calvin was born and I got to hold him when he was less than 24 hours old, but Ethan, my newest friend, was about as light as the onesie he was wearing. FYI, cuddling newborns might be one of my new favourite hobbies. I couldn't wrap my head around how tiny he was but I think it's just because Calvin's so much bigger than a four day old. Ethan is also pretty tiny in general.

Saturday night I tackled our dreaded cupboard under the stairs. When Karl moved in he didn't bother organizing anything and just took whatever seemed like it might be a good idea to bring. This ended up including five boxes of random car parts, old school papers, and two ghetto blasters. Too busy getting married to deal with them, the boxes just ended up in the cupboard under the stairs where they cohabitated with our sleeping bags, my pink hobby horse, leftovers from our wedding, extra pillows, and our duffel bags for the past two years.

As you know, we live in a bit of a bug zoo so we occasionally have serious spider infestations going on. When we first moved in I also found a centipede in our living room. And we have these weird beetle things that don't bother me, as well as an abundance of wood bugs. You get the picture, there are lots of bugs in our place and they're all either terrifying or kind of weird and random.

One of my big reasons for not dealing with the anarchy that is the cupboard was my genuine terror of having giant spiders dropping into my hair. Gross gross gross! It was ridiculous, though, and the cupboard was also a real pain in the backside. We'd use our sleeping bags and then throw them on top of the crazy pile. When we next needed them, they'd be several feet back and we'd have to wade through possibly tarantula infested junk to get them. The madness had to stop.

I thought it was going to be a crazy big job but it only took about fifteen minutes to get everything out of the cupboard and put somewhere it wasn't going to get in the way. That isn't to say the process is done, just that I didn't leave all those random boxes in the middle of the floor. I stacked them in our laundry room as a temporary fix.

It seriously took all of ten minutes to get that space organized. I'd bought a long fabric storage box from Home Sense for $20 a couple weeks ago (with a polka dot lid, no less) and stashed our extra pillows in it. That was the only real change aside from removing Karl's random junk. It was so easy that in no time I was helping my reluctant husband sort through what needed to be kept and what really didn't. We have an overflowing box of things to be recycled and cut down from five boxes to three, hopefully two. Yeah, I owned that cupboard. And the best part is that no spiders were found alive or otherwise.

Saturday was a good day.

Sunday we went golfing for Karl's work. I didn't really want to but did anyway. We had a cart which actually made the time go by much faster and I wisely wore a hat. We were pooped by the time we got home and the afternoon consisted of Karl watching NASCAR while I napped, then me watching a movie on TV and doing some yoga while he napped. We then had dinner courtesy of Groupon downtown, went for nice after dinner walk through the crowds of cruise ship tourists, and finished the night off with a ten pm showing of Ted.

Yeah, 7 am came way too early this morning. I struggled a little with my slowly deflating hair style I got on Saturday but am still feeling good about my decision not to shower last night. No one gets too close to me anyway.

I'll end off my weekend recap by quickly gushing about my new hair. I was going to see the girl I saw several months ago who fixed my horrible haircut, she clearly has magic scissors, but couldn't find a time that she was working and I wasn't. I took a stab and said yes to a $30 appointment with another stylist. This was kind of terrifying because I have had a lot of unfortunate hair experiences with less experienced stylists, and $30 is as cheap as they come at that salon.

Well! I am actually in hair love. She did a great job, made my hair feel about 50% lighter while still keeping it long, actually convinced me to buy some product (something that never ever happens because I am strong, but it's the reason I've been able to forego showering), and showed me how to give myself flat iron curls. Curls! I have always wanted curly/wavy hair and apparently it's really easy to do. I got a lot of hair love after that appointment. The ultra bonus was that because I had a $20 credit from referring people to the salon, I ended up spending less than $50 on my hair, a good tip, and product. Yeah, I used to spend $55 on a cut and tip alone where I used to go. I feel like $50 every three months is an acceptable amount to spend on a hair cut. So yeah, some serious hair love going on there.

And that was my weekend. Now you know.

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