August 01, 2012

Afternoon carpet woes.

So there has been a bit of a battle going on in our living room for a while, as you may or may not have picked up on. The battle is whether to get an area rug or not for our minuscule living room. Maybe a good old fashioned steam clean will do the trick on our once white carpet, but maybe not. So today I'm shopping for rugs.

This process is actually a really difficult one. First of all, I have just recently fallen in love with our living room for the first time in two years. I used to hate it for being so cold and messy and manly, even when I was making it my temporary bedroom in February. A lot of that dislike also probably stemmed from my fear of spider infestations, some of my most terrifying encounters having taken place in the cold, dark living room.

Having just realized that, yes, I can love a living room again I'm hesitant to change it up. Now, I haven't done any measurements or real in person considering as to what our area needs may or may not be, but today I took the first step towards change and looked for used or super cheap area rugs online.

After no success on the local used sites I figured I'd give Home Depot a try and see if I could be impressed by anything there. It's hard, though, because the predominant colours in our living room are brown and blue. I feel like they just look so good with the white carpet that anything will just make our happy living space dark and cold again. And sad.

In an unrealistic world I think this one would be the winner. Realistically speaking it's probably a little too busy and matchy matchy with the rest of what's going on. I kind of like what this bad boy is bringing to the table, too, but with our already super light carpet and light brownish-grey walls I'm thinking it might be a little much. I also can't tell if something long and narrow is the key or if full coverage is what we need.

I actually fell in a sort of cheap carpet lust with this Home Depot steal until I saw it's darker more mysterious cousin. I went and had lunch, though, and now that I see them again I think the dark cousin has all the trappings of a cave floor, whereas my original carpet boyfriend is still kind of wooing me. Just to be clear, the price tags are playing a huge role in my desire.

The thing is, I've gone looking for rugs and carpets with my mom before so I actually know more than I ever would have dreamed about what makes a quality rug. Carpet. Dangit, I know there's a lingo difference there that I'm not picking up on, but I get the rest of it I swear. I know that anyone ever that sells any kind of carpets/rugs professionally would probably try to tackle me instead of letting me buy a $30 carpet. Rug. Whatever. As long as it doesn't look like plastic or feel like the 90s I'm going to be happy. I am perfectly content with not making any big life altering floor covering decisions at this stage. Frick, this is only my second carpet ever (the first being when I was in high school and Walmart wooed me with a spotted gem that's in my old bedroom at Mom's) and I'm not looking for a lifetime hand tufted relationship. I'm looking for a stain cover that won't make me divorce my living room.

So hey, if you know anything about carpets/rugs or have any feelings whatsoever about my relationship with my living room, take a look at these pictures and see if you can't visualize what's going on in there. They're about a year old but everything still looks pretty much the same. Only better. And that puzzle is still not done.

The view from the top of the couch. You can see the big carpet stain beside the coffee table.

And that completes the grand living room tour!
The spot I took the first photo from is the only thing you haven't seen. Trust me, you're not missing anything.

Those pictures kill me. I always thought our free couches looked okay together because they're both blue. I'll blame the flash for ruining my delusions. They're super comfy, though, and practically brand new. And free. Beat that.

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