August 02, 2012

My spray paint love affair.

I don't think I've shared with you how much I love spray paint. Because I do. I really really do. I might adopt a can of it and start caring for it as a child. Or name my first child Spray Paint. Or maybe even Krylon because that sounds cooler.

Seriously, spray paint is so much fun. Taking something that's not living up to its attractive potential and then spraying that bad boy a rich beautiful blue is becoming the highlight of my every day. Pretty soon everything in our house will be blue. I also have white, but I'm just so in love with the shade of blue I got that I can't help myself.

Last night I bought a recipe box to make my Dominion travel worthy. It was not a pretty thing, let me tell you. I got the idea off of a friend who did the same thing with a recipe box from Michaels. Her box is very country kitchen, clearly stating that it is a recipe box, and sporting a rather large chicken on it. She thinks it's kind of sweet but I, however, am not a country kitchen kind of girl. No, I'd like my Dominion to reflect who I am as a person, not who Michaels thinks I should be as a recipe box purchaser.

I'm sure you can imagine where this going.

I took that ugly chicken box home, grabbed my spray paint, took the junk mail out of our mail box and, using it as ground protection, sprayed that sucker a rich beautiful blue. Bye bye, chicken, hello bad ass looking Dominion box. Or maybe just pretty blue box. Either way.

I told Karl that I love spray painting so much he needs to watch out. One day our fridge might be blue. You just never know.

And if you've never spray painted anything before I highly recommend it. How can you not feel powerful with a can of spray paint in your hand, applied liberally over ugly household junk? Trust me, you can't.

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