August 03, 2012

Underwhelming adventures in carpeting.

My blogs been getting a little more traffic lately. And by a little I mean exponentially more than usual. And by that I mean that, not including yesterday, it's been getting regular hits. Next step: blog superstardom. Just kidding.

Last night Mom and I went what I was hoping would be an epic area rug adventure. It ended up being a colossal waste of time. Even though online and in the store computer they said they had the rug I wanted, five of them in fact, but they were MIA. I was choked. I knew chances were good that the $30 rug was not going to be a too good to be true item and would likely end up giving me a rash just looking at it but I had to find out. I just had to know if, miraculously, it was too good to be anything but a Christmas miracle. I guess the only miracle would have been the store tracking them down after half an hour. The two employees that tried to come to my carpet hunting rescue were very nice, but I'm pretty sure that Home Depot itself, being a soul sucking and energy draining place, was just teasing us.

We went to Rona afterwards which, it turns out, is just a more brightly lit version of Home Depot. Go figure. This rug had caught my eye online and I thought it would be the wild card option. I was totally prepared to actually buy a couple that I liked and return the non-winners. Yeah, that didn't happen. Striking out at Home Depot seriously limited my options and what I found at Rona did not help. In fact, the red Rona rug made me want to die after I touched it. And not in a good way. I spend a fair amount of time sitting on the living room floor (folding laundry, knitting, painting canvas or my toes, watching TV...) and I knew that if I brought that rug home I would instantly hate our living room again. It felt like scratchy synthetic death. It was worse than any industrial carpet. Simply put, I hated it.

I did, however, pick up a carpet cleaner from some friends which, with a lot of elbow grease courtesy of the man of the house, made our carpet look new again. Now to the rest of the beast. Our living room looks pretty small until you start to think about scrubbing every square inch of it. Yikes.

Enough about carpets, though. It's the weekend in just over two hours! I plan on not even thinking about carpets until at the earliest late Sunday. We're going camping tonight and there will be no carpets or living rooms in sight. Glorious. Time to eat smores and drink beer.

I'm really looking forward to two days away. It's a long weekend but we wised up to the fact that going straight from camping to work is not exactly relaxing. We'll come home some time Sunday and laze Monday away. Maybe. Or maybe I'll feel guilty and do laundry and organize some storage space. Either way, you've gotta love the long weekends.

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