August 30, 2012

Keeping it trendy.

I just want to say that I am so far so good. Today is day three of trying to feel better in what I'm wearing to work and I think I've been doing pretty well. Actually, I feel like I've been doing well so therefore I have. That was the whole goal, wasn't it?

Yesterday I bought into one of the older but still going strong and possibly picking up speed trends. Coloured denim. Say what! They were a bit of a splurge, but I decided on Tuesday that I needed another pair of pants to get me through the upcoming fall/winter/spring months. You know, until such a time as I hopefully fit my old jeans again.

Can I just say I love the internet? Instead of going into the mall and trying to find jeans on my lunch break I looked at Reitmans online and found that they were having a buy get one 50% off sale on their jeans, new stock included. They also had really nice coloured denim, too. It was a big moment for me but I thought, hey, I could do that. I convinced my mom to buy a pair of jeans, too, which meant we both got 25% off our jeans. Suddenly $46 pants were affordable. Even ones in dried fig.

I pretty much exclusively buy my jeans from Reitmans these days. It's kind of an old lady store but they have the best jeans ever. And by the best jeans ever I mean actually the most flattering jeans you will ever try on in your entire life. Unless you wear crop tops or need to tuck your shirt in. Yes, I'm talking about comfort fit jeans. The epitome of grandma jeans at the waist but so flattering because there's no button or zipper to stick out through your shirt.Yeah, up to my belly button is warm and I don't care. I never get plumber's crack with these bad boys. Ever. Because I'm wearing pants as high as my mom used to in the 80s and 90s. The only difference now is that I have shirts that cover them up.

I am in love with my new jeans. Coloured denim. Dang, I'm trendy. The thing is, I got an easy colour to wear. I don't wear a lot of reds so I didn't need to worry about having too many things clash with it. Blues and whites and greens and blacks and greys and maybe even yellows (which, admittedly I don't have a lot of, but someday I might) will all go with them. Now I have better pants to wear blue shirts with. Hurray!

I wonder if they have Reitmans in the states. If they don't, I wonder if they have comfort fit style jeans. If they don't, I wonder how women in the states survive. Seriously, I don't know if I will ever buy normal jeans again.

My dried fig jeans are making their public debut and today right away I felt good about my style decision. Why? Well, the only other female in the office so far today is also wearing coloured denim. We are just so beautiful, all of us. All the time. Always.

Since it was my birthday last week, my mother in law bought me a couple tank tops. Too small. Always too small. They were from Old Navy, though, so I just went in last night right before they closed and asked if they'd let me swap them for a bigger size even though I didn't have a receipt. Not only did they let me exchange them, they let me pick different colours and patterns. They're just really simple, cheap tank tops with a bit of ribbing and lace at the top. Not normally something I would get much use of. Well, the MIL (mother in law, for future reference) bought me kelly green and white. Nice enough colours, but they didn't have my size in the green and I have an identical white one from a year or two ago, also from the MIL. I walked out of there with a cream coloured top with black polka dots and a nice red one with cream (or maybe grey?) polka dots as well. And they fit me wonderfully.

Today I'm wearing my new pants, my new Old Navy tank top, and my new blazer. Yeah, I'm rocking it. Well... except for one thing.

Nail polish is becoming my foe. I though I had it all off last night, but apparently not. Note to self, Urban Planet nail polish is not the good stuff. If it smells like paste, it'll have the consistency of paste.

Case in point, my toenails when I got off work yesterday. I wish I could blame someone else for layering three coats of polish on my toes but that would be wrong. I tried to take the lazy way out and apparently my foot melted in my boots yesterday. Or something. The picture doesn't do it justice, I just forgot to take a better one before I cleaned them up. They're silver now.

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