July 24, 2012

Tea time? No, nap time.

It's almost quitting time, so I'll be short and sweet.

There's something tiring about spending so much time at the office. This morning I started at 7:15 for our biweekly toast meeting. At 8:30 I went out and got muffins in honour of a birthday. At 10 we ate them. At noon we had a staff BBQ. That's a lot of eating with coworkers. And a lot of bread/muffins/buns/cookies.

It's exhausting doing so much eating/conversing.

I haven't had too many of them but on at least one of my early Tuesdays I went home and productively exercised before going to yoga. Because I'm freaking hardcore like that. Today I plan on curling in up in my comfy chair and finishing my book with a heat bag on my neck (I have so much tension all of a sudden) and then passing out comatose for half an hour.

Yeah, I'm living the good life. At least I'll actually go to yoga tonight and stretch all that tension out. It's been two weeks since I last went and I start to get all tense after a while.

That might have something to do with all the anticipatory Facebooking I was doing last night, though. It paid off. The news was stellar. And that baby's looking good (for a gooey newborn). My productivity level somehow managed to plummet once the news was posted and what should have taken me half and hour (cleaning off the kitchen table and spray painting some picture frames) got way dragged out. To the ninety minute mark.

It's cool, I got to embarrass my husband by asking two young women around my age to kindly not pee on the trees on our street. It's not private, it's not okay, and saying repeatedly that you hope no one sees you while Karl and I are in our driveway talking and spray painting demonstrates a lack of intelligence. From fifty feet away. Maybe. I never did imperial. Or is that metric?

Frick, it's nap time.

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