July 23, 2012


There is something so satisfying about being home after even 48 hours away. Home is where the bed-warming husband is and the new-found hobbies. I actually found that I would have rather stayed home today and cleaned house/painted things than come to work. There is something so dissatisfying about a messy home.

I'm not a neat freak but I usually spend a chunk of my weekend making our living space sane again. Having Karl around on Saturday didn't really make for productive times in the household. We ran some errands and went for a nice bike ride together, but my Saturday mojo was all out of whack. And now it's Monday and there's dishes, stuff on the table, and laundry that needs to be put away. Besides, I have some breakfast bars that need making and fully intend to spray paint some frames I picked up this weekend at the dollar store and Value Village. I'm domestic like that. With all that stuff to do, how on earth can I fit in working for a living?

Today's a funny day. Friends having babies is really exciting and I have one gearing up to do that very thing, I'm assuming, at this very moment. I'm kind of freaking out.

I know it's silly, I'm not giving birth after all, but having a baby seems kind of terrifying if you ask me. Not the possessing and caring for a small life form, terrifying as that responsibility is, but the actually squeezing and expelling said small life form from... within. Yikes. Traumatizing all around, I bet. Physically. Emotionally. Maybe mentally? Like I said, beyond my scope of reason.

This is the second friend in just over three months to have a baby and marks the beginning of the real booming stage in 2012's baby boom. From here on out it's a baby marathon! And I will watch from the sidelines and knit cute booties, going in for the occasional baby snuggle as needed. It's a role I feel confident I can fill.

It wasn't until a half hour ago that I started thinking along the lines of, "Holy cow, baby is coming, baby could be here right now. I wonder if there's news. Must. Check. Facebook. Obsessively."

Whatever witty thoughts were in my head earlier have leaked out (or rather fallen out with a sudden plop) as the anticipation is building. I can't stop thinking about how much I love baby showers and cake and present-giving and want to hear the good news that everything went smoothly, painlessly (why not?), happily, and healthily.

I wish I could channel this anticipatory energy I'm feeling right now into my dishes. I am one step away from nail biting.

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