July 25, 2012


I went home and slept after work yesterday. It was nice. I almost missed yoga because I kept putting off changing out of Karl's comfy pants. They're ginormous, fleece, and about the least attractive thing a woman can ever wear. They are my item of choice for post-work naps when I can't find my own sweats. And sometimes when I can.

Tuesday night yoga classes are usually pretty low intensity and yesterday we didn't do a single standing pose. I was down with that, suffering from a serious case of the Thursdays. What? The Thursdays on Tuesday? Is there such a thing? Yes, yes there is. Yesterday felt very much like a long, long Thursday. I was pretty disheartened when I realized that Thursday was still two days away. Rough.

Last night I abandoned all semblance of productivity and just made popcorn. Sure, I did it like a boss, dominating that pot and those popcorn kernels, leaving nothing unpopped and nothing burnt, but that was about it. I also got a lot of satisfaction of out watching the corn actually pop. I've never been that up close with it, the process normally happening in a bag or under cover. It was so cool! How does something so small and fluffy fit inside something so hard and tiny? 

I may sound pleased with my popcorn success, I really am, but don't let that trick you. I'm a grumpy bear today. I'm having an all around grumpy day. I was going to walk to work, I really was, but had some wardrobe issues. Wardrobe issues as in, I couldn't find a single thing to wear that didn't make me look a) pregnant and b) like I need to do laundry (I do, I really do). It's supposed to be warm today, too, so I didn't want to be sweltering in the office. Freaking weather. I wore a sweater on Monday and was totally fine. I seriously wish I had a house elf to do my laundry. And maybe paint some baseboards.

I asked Karl yesterday if I could quit my job and be a stay at home Anna. He thought it was a great idea (well, he laughed) but told me no, only with babies. That doesn't sound relaxing. I want to stay home and spray paint things all day. It's my new passion in life. I told him I would be very rested. He didn't buy it. Shoot dang.

I think today is going to be one of those days that feels like jogging uphill: agony. Purple faced, panting, pathetic, feeling terrible about every single pound on my body for making this process harder, and in the end I'll know it had to be done but won't feel great. Because I'll be throwing up. Maybe this simile isn't totally accurate. I won't throw up. And I don't jog anymore. But man, do I fee like a whale.

Thank the Lord I have lunch with a friend today to break up the monotony. It's getting old.


  1. Stay at home Anna. I like that!

    Reading that back to myself, it sounds like a command. Haha!

    1. Haha it does. Maybe I should have hyphenated it.


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