July 18, 2012

Let's put that gory crime behind me now.

I finished Déjà Dead on my lunch break today. I would have liked to have finished it this morning because I had to put it down at the very intense end, right as everything is wrapping up. That is, I'm sure you know, the absolute worst time to put down a book. Last night I fell asleep right as (by the way, I'm going to ruin the whole book for you right now so stop if you care) the killer was breaking into the main character's house to not only kill her but violate her in the worst ways possible. I had to put the book down because my eyes were drooping and that's no way to read an exciting chapter.

That's not the worst, though. I knew that in the morning I'd have excitement galore over breakfast and that was fine with me. It's frustrating putting down a book once the story is essentially wrapped up plot wise but not where all the loose ends are concerned. When last we saw the serial killer he had a big freaking knife sticking out of an eye socket so I figured it was safe to assume that everyone was going to be safe. I was right.

Over my crackers and homous I got to read the happyish ending of the guy going to jail for five counts of murder one and the main character survived with only 37 (just kidding, that's the worst thing ever) stitches on her throat. It's cool though, her daughter survived but her best friend didn't.
It may sound like I wasn't crazy about this book and, to be honest, I wasn't. I don't think crime books are really my thing, particularly the detailed oriented and explicit ones. I also don't think that makes me a worse person; I'm sure a pretty solid argument can be made for how filling my mind with yucky things isn't good for it.

It's funny, though, how I devoured the book after my last post about it on Monday. I said I wasn't too enamoured with it but for some reason I got sucked right on in. It became a page turner and before I knew it I only had fifty pages left. I devoured nearly 200 in a day and a half. Go figure.

I'm glad it's over, I'm glad I finished, and I'm glad I can now move on. I'm thinking crime books really aren't my cup of tea, at least ones written by Kathy Reichs. I'm not giving up on them entirely, though, since I just started Two for the Dough (mystery) and have a "Richard Castle" book Heat Rises to read as well. I'm not sure if that one will be crime or what, but I'm guessing it's a mystery.

Anyway, now we're all caught up just in time for me to head off in a couple hours across the straight. Bring on the senior citizens.

As an interesting side note, the spacing has been kind of weird between my paragraphs lately so I really have to wrestle with the stupid thing to get them even. It's weird and completely inconsistent but today I used my newfound (as of a couple months ago) HTML skills to beat my blog spacing back into submission. Take THAT!

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