July 17, 2012

Mmm... Holidays...

I just read an article that said you shouldn't be paying more than 4% of your annual take home salary on vacationing each year. It said that if you want to spend more than that you'd better do some serious saving beforehand. I did a little number crunching and those numbers mean that Disneyland didn't actually break the bank this year and that we could do our annual trip to Alberta to visit Karl's brother and sister in law. I don't expect that we will since my holiday hours are practically nonexistent and his parents are going on the weekend we thought we might want to.

Karl got a raise last week, and that combined with my salary means that next year we could fulfill Karl's dream of going to Hawaii. I took a gander at Groupon's getaway section and started getting giddy. For less than $500 we could spend four nights in an all inclusive hotel. Add on flights for another $1000 or so and that's pretty stinking reasonable. I guess. Disneyland did cost us about a grand when all was said and done and that was fine.

On my list of places I'd like to go Ontario's up there because it seems like everyone keeps heading that way and my Dad's side of the family is from out there. Even saying that gives me the awkward feeling in my tummy that comes from imposing on people I like but don't know overly well. I keep saying we'll have to time our Ontario trip with a fun event, like a Jars of Clay concert, but since they'll be playing there September 15th I'm not sure the time is ripe. That's just so soon! I'm hoping maybe one of my cousins will get married so we'll have a super fun excuse to head east.

I also think Florida would be a fun place to visit. I hear they have NASCAR races there, Disney World, and warm weather. And isn't stuff generally cheaper in the states? Maybe they'll have NASCAR and cheap hockey games. It'd be like a match made in Karl's own little sports related heaven. Me, I just want to go to IHOP.
Wouldn't it be nice, though, to just sleep in a bed that someone else has made, eat all inclusive meals that someone else has prepared, drink watered down "free" alcohol, and lament how awkward I feel in a bathing suit up until I see the other tourists. Actually, just thinking about it is making my pants feel snug. I should probably stop making dinner plans that coincide with yoga.
But oh... little Caribbean islands for low prices and long, uncomfortable airplane rides? I'm so tempted.

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