July 11, 2012

Bathroom Etiquette.

Yes, bathroom etiquette. It's something I've felt strongly about for a while and I think that sharing my views on it will make the world (and bathrooms) a better place.

Anna's Bathroom Etiquette Rule Book:
  1. Lock the door: I don't care what you're doing in there, I really don't, I just don't want to walk in on you while you're doing it. Going beyond the obvious bathroom business this rule extends to any other bathroom activities. Cleaning the bathroom? Lock the door. Checking out your hair? Lock the door. Washing your hands? Lock the door. It's really quite simple. There is nothing more awkward than walking in on someone you're not expecting in the room you take your pants off in. This rule is more applicable to the work place/public spaces than at home. At home there is very little shame left to be had.
  2. Flush it: Self explanatory. No one wants to see that. If you need to do it again then by all means do it again 
  3. Did you make a stink?: There is no shame in making a bathroom stink. Okay, there's a little shame, but it can't be avoided. It's what you do with the unavoidable stink that sets the winners apart from the losers, or rather it's what sets the next occupants apart from the winners and the losers. Winners get the bathroom where the fan has been left on and something pleasant has been sprayed into the air, or a match has been lit. Losers get the bathroom that has been sitting shut up like some sort of poison gas bomb ready to go off once the door is opened. Don't make people losers, make people winners.
  4. Ladies vs. Gents: In an office with less than 25% of the population female it seems that the different bathroom distinctions don't hold much sway. The door with the lady in a flouncing skirt is frequented by the skirt wearing and non-skirt wearing alike. It's been an adjustment but I can handle the shared bathroom with minimal emotional scarring. If you're a guy using the bathroom with a lady in a pretty skirt on the door at least have the dignity to put the seat down. The same goes if you're visiting someone's house and women live there. It's just courtesy. If you're a lady visiting an all male household the same rules don't apply; sitting is universal.
 Now, go forth and watch how people remark upon your impeccable bathroom manners.

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