July 12, 2012

Early Mornings and Food.

Have I ever told you I have a secret TV crush on Nathan Fillion?

If you're wondering how that's relevant I'll spare you the brain power and inform you that it really isn't, I just didn't know how else I wanted to start this post off.

In all honesty I'm not ready to post photos like I thought I would be. I mentally went through the list of pictures I thought I wanted to put up and realized that if I want to really and truly wow you with my apparent self loathing I'm going to need to do it right. Hopefully tomorrow's going to be the day for you to gape open mouthed at the domestic goddess I am becoming and scratch your head and wonder if I've recently been lobotomized. At least, if you've known me for a long time you'll probably wonder about my mental state, if you haven't you may just think I'm a crazy person and feel inferior to my mad skills. And so you should. Just kidding.

Today is such a better day than yesterday was. I still got woken up at 5 by someone's car horn being belligerent. Because I believe the best in people, and can't imagine anyone that stupid could ever drive a car, I'm thinking that the horn which interrupted my REM cycle and carried on for several long hours (or possibly a couple minutes) was an automotive oopsy that was remedied by disconnecting a battery. I'm choosing to think that no one on earth is horrible enough to lay on the horn on a residential street at 5 am. The horn was on for so long, in fact, that it started to waver and sound like it was going to die from shame at what it was doing. I would also like to point out that it's really hard to identify what that weird, persistent noise is at 5 in the morning when most horn noises last no longer than a second, maximum two if someone is really enraged.

Naturally, since we were then awake due to the belligerent horn, the crows decided it was time to start throwing their daily party. I don't think I have to tell you that the next two hours were not the restful ones I had hoped for. At least I didn't feel like dying on my desk when I got to work. I survived and here I am, several hours later, telling the delightful tale of the morning shenanigans that took place outside our bedroom window.

Ever since finding a more, for lack of a better word, motivated side of myself my evenings have been much more full. Not only am I at work full time, but I'm coming home and getting stuff done. Like a champ!

Last night I went down to Michael's and spent $15.11 on my latest project. I'm pretty stoked about it, but think I'm going to wait until I actually have a photo of it to tell you what it is. Maybe then I can save 1000 words of description. Don't bet on it.

I had a smoothie for breakfast this morning. It took me a couple days, but I finally got a chance to go back on the bananas. I'm nervous but I think I'll just have to go with it. Nearly three blissful migraine free months have been amazing. I still bought bananas at the grocery store today, though. Sometimes in life you have to take risks to find true banana eating happiness, and if those risks offer, on one side, the potential of quasi-regular migraines and, on the other, delicious and nutritious banana eating for the rest of my life, I think that's an okay chance to take. I'd rather have no bananas than migraines, though, but until I know for sure that bananas are causing me nauseating brain explosions I'm not going to punish them. Okay, maybe I will, but their punishment in to get in my belly.

We're having some friends over for dinner tomorrow night and I'm attempting a bean cake. Since I couldn't find unseasoned canned beans (go figure) I decided that I wanted to try the cake enough that I would actually cook my own darn dried beans. When I got home last night I began the process. Can I just say? Beans are really gross when they're cooking. Sure, there was quinoa on the burner which made everything smell like burning, but the water in the pot got inky black as soon as I started. Gross. I've had the experience with canned beans before that the smell has totally turned me off eating anything ever again, but thankfully these beans weren't that pungent.

For my first bean attempt I'd have to say it was moderately successful. I'm not sure I'd want to eat the beans, but they're for mushing and baking with, so I think they'll do. Tonight I do the real work and actually make the cake. I'm kind of super prepared and amazing. The recipe also says to let the cake sit overnight before consumption. Besides, who wants to make a cake in the hour between work and dinner? Didn't think so.

We haven't had people over in a non backyard BBQ capacity for a while so it'll be nice. I'm subjecting them to one of the "healthy" recipes I've been giving a go. All part of the new me.

I was motivated to post and all of a sudden it's drained out of me. Like a leaky something full of water. Witty, I know. So tonight I'm going to go home, die for a while and then make nachos, cake, clean my toilet (bathroom etiquette), and work on my mystery project (I'm just calling it that to build suspense, mostly for myself) in front of Firefly with my two favourite men. Nathan Fillion and Karl, of course.

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