June 26, 2012

Case of the Tuesdays?

After yesterday's serious case of the Mondays I had a feeling that today was probably going to be a pretty rough day. It has only just begun but so far so good.

Yesterday left me completely drained by the time I went home. I was suffering so seriously from the Monday apocalypse that I completely neglected to mention the very odd thing that was happening on my desk. Apparently an ant colony moved in over the weekend. On my desk.

You're probably thinking that's disgusting right about now and wondering why I'm such a slob that leaves food all over her desk, just inviting critters to take over. I'm not, though! Maybe you've seen the comfortable "lived in" atmosphere that is our home (tiny space, too much stuff, lack of organization... it cleans up well but maintaining that Monday to Friday can be a challenge) and are passing a little judgement on me. I tell you, my desk is clean. For one thing, it's not my desk, it belongs to the company and, for another, I'm kind of front and center so I need to put on a good show. Sure it's not spotless, it's clean and worked at, but it's definitely not ant colonizing dirty. Not at all.

Never mind that two weeks ago I was spraying it clean with lemon scented cleaner and making it spic and span and antibacterial or something. For some reason, though, I had tiny little ants prancing across my desk throughout the whole entire day. One at a time, less than a dozen, over the span of 8 1/2 hours. And today? Nothing. Monday was really trying to screw with me.

We went to some friends' for dinner last night which was wonderful but, a part of me, knew that as much fun as we had we wouldn't be getting home until after 11 and by 9 I couldn't hold my yawns in anymore. Maybe coming home and dubbing it wine o'clock might not have been the best idea for a late night. Then again, it was apocalypse Monday.

Naturally, after crawling into bed at 11:30 and setting my alarm to be at work for 7:15 I wasn't optimistic about today's prospects. So far so good, though. I get off work early, get to go to yoga, and have a loving mountain of laundry just begging to be neglected at home. Ah, Tuesday, you're redeeming Monday so much. And there's just enough wine left in the bottle for wine o'clock tonight!

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