June 25, 2012

My case of the Mondays.

Today I had a serious case of the Mondays. Monday didn't even start for me when my alarm went off, it started at 4 am when my bladder woke me up demanding attention. Normally I can just crawl back into bed and forget that my sleep was ever interrupted. 4 am is, after all, a good three hours before I actually need to get up. Lots of time to find my REM sleep groove again. Or, in the case of early this morning, maybe not.

Tossing and turning and over heating and almost falling asleep but never deeply and three hours later, hurray! The real Monday morning is waiting for me. I'm so bored of breakfast food but I know I need to eat it anyways that breakfast now carries little joy. I finished off my homemade granola with some Greek yoghurt. Booooooring.

I got ready for work, had a bit of a cardigan crisis, and my mom came by to inform me that I looked quite casual. So I changed with five minutes before I absolutely had to leave or could 100% guarantee lateness and ended up totally unsatisfied with the results. Should have stayed casual. I know from experience that there's nothing worse than feeling like a hobo to make your day less fabulous. The reasons for hobo-like feelings vary and something that's working one day might not the next. There is no rhyme or reason. And that's why my mom doesn't pick out my wardrobe.

So Monday continued. It went okay, slow like last week but manageable. Slow days are fine with me when the brain isn't working. My caffeine craving was acting up this morning so I tricked myself with some rooibus tea instead. Dang I'm sneaky.

The real sign of the Monday apocalypse was when Mom and I went for lunch. We headed over to Starbucks where she confused herself when the price of her chai latte went up with the addition of soy, causing barista judgement to ensue so I paid with my card, and then once I ordered my embarrassingly complex drink (decaf, non fat, half sweet sugar free.... okay, it still looks pretentious) I turned around to show my mom the beauty of a registered Starbucks card. Free modifiers! Except, it turns out, the woman whose face I was waving my receipt in front of and who was starting to back away from me was not, in fact, my mother. Huh.

So I wait at the bar, giggling with my mom about my off day and then proceed to spill part of my drink all over the bar. Lovely. And, because it's the Monday apocalypse, the woman who was not my mother came over and smiled sympathetically at me as I apologized and told her she was wearing the same colours as my mom. It was like we were sharing a joke together, but I know what she was thinking: "Why is that lady wearing so much synthetic material and being a crazy person?" It was written all over her face.

And then, because I felt like a hobo, I saw an old friend/acquaintance from my high school days and shortly after almost come and sit where Mom and I were in the comfy mall chairs. Naturally, he was with his wife, his new son, and, presumably, his mother. I was ready to be the bigger person, too, and jump into the slightly awkward conversation that arises between people that spent a fair amount of time together as teenagers with other friends but never really got along. Not to would be beyond awkward, although general conversation would be too. Upon seeing that there wasn't much room (yeah, whatever) they moved on, but not before I tried to catch his eye, and I'm pretty sure he avoided mine. I'm going to be totally honest and say that I won that round of being a better person. Although, if he didn't register that it was me, intently focused on cheap pleather couches instead, I guess that's okay too and I won't pass too much judgement.

With 12 minutes to go of this Monday work today, I can't help thinking that as excited as I am to have a relaxing and fun filled dinner at some friends' tonight (and to go home and change into some natural fibers!), tomorrow morning has so much more potential to hurt.

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