May 23, 2012

The small things. And the big ones.

I am in the midst of a now rare slow moment. So much has happened since I last blogged that I'm not sure what to begin with.

Probably the least exciting thing I've done is finish another book. I'm starting to lose track, but I finished One for the Money and it was good. After that I read The Help. I loved it. It was well written and engaging and even though it took place in the early 1960s I kept thinking it was happening much earlier. I've never really thought too much about civil rights in the states and how recently things were not okay for many black people. It was good. You should read it. Probably right now.

So the past week or so has been a pretty emotional one. I found out last Tuesday that I was a candidate for eye surgery and could, in fact, get lasik. We booked my appointment then and there and in a week from yesterday I will have gotten the procedure. In seven days I should be able to see clearly. I certainly hope so since I'm wearing my dreaded glasses all this week. I keep having to remind myself that it's the last time.

Friday was another emotional day. I got a call around 3:30 from my mother asking me if Karl had her truck. Long story short, he didn't have the truck... or the computers, television, cash, bike gloves, and half a bottle of flat coke either.

Being robbed is rattling. We were really lucky that nothing of sentimental value was taken and even luckier that the thieves didn't go downstairs through the open basement door and rob Karl and I, too. There's something that makes you feel so violated about knowing junkies have been in your home, touching your things, taking whatever they want. I threw out Mom's toothbrush just to be careful, as per the police man's recommendation. "You just never know."

Losing my mom's SUV was the most upsetting thing, though. It's in great condition, well maintained, almost our family mascot, and something that insurance would never cover enough of. I can't tell you how many hours we spent driving around this weekend trying to find it. Sketchy neighbourhoods, side streets, mall parking lots, parkades...We told everyone we could think of to keep their eyes open for the metallic green blazer, knowing that it's just so distinct looking it'd have to turn up somewhere.

And, sure enough, last night I got a call around 10:30 from one of my good friends informing us that she'd found it, sitting in a mall parking lot that we'd already checked  Friday night. It had been missing for over 96 hours. I was confident that it would turn up, but I was thinking it might be far down the road. But no, taken Friday, found Tuesday. And the worst the thieves did was smoke in it.

Trust me, you have never seen three adults as giddy on a work night as Mom, Karl, and I were yesterday. We didn't jump around in a circle holding hands but we almost did.

This morning shortly after ten I got an email informing me that I was no longer needed for and, as a result, excused from jury duty.

It was two amazing things in twelve hours. I no longer have to worry about potentially losing pay, the truck's coming home today, and I get lazer eyes next week. I don't even care that the nice weather went away. I'm enjoying layering up again without freezing to death.

Yeah, it's the little things.

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