May 14, 2012


This is just a quick update to spread the good news. My boss has just informed me that I will be full time busy for the next month and a half. I believe him, too. My whole afternoon has been jam packed and there's no end in sight. He also told me that he's working on a policy for paying employees for up to ten days while they do jury duty, or possibly 50% of their wages for twenty days. My boss is a good man.

I know that sometimes you think I get off track and don't actually watch Douglas street anymore, so here is a Douglas street gem. A rather large teenager and her equally large friend decided to sit in front of our windows. It's not uncommon to watch people check themselves out as they walk by. Our windows are mighty reflective. This classy young woman proceeded to check out her hair, smooth it down, and then grab her breasts and bounce them up and down in the window, making a presumably sexy face to herself.

She never saw me but I sure saw a lot of her. Stay classy, Douglas.

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