May 31, 2012

Laser Eyes and Aftermath.

I did it! I had my surgery on the one aspect of my physiology that I disliked enough to get surgically altered. Not that it wasn't an attractive feature (as creepy strangers love to tell me) but one that bothered me. I love having eyes, but I love having eyes that can see even more. And mine can see.

Yesterday, a mere 24 hours after my lasik procedure I was informed that my vision is 20/25. Near perfect. It will likely improve to perfection over time. I am over the moon. Because I can SEE! I am no longer going to be the first casualty in a zombie apocalypse. I no longer have a strict 48 hour expiration date (about the time that my eyes would be so dried out from contacts that I'd probably go blind) and might make it through it all. Well, at least my vision is no longer standing in my way. My lack of speed, agility, and need to eat every couple hours might be an issue, but if I lose enough sleep I'll probably go psycho on any zombies from sheer sleepless rage. Because I'm well balanced like that.

The whole procedure was kind of uncomfortable and I was worried that I didn't look where I was supposed to and that everything would be ruined. Lots of pressing down on the eye, prying it open, taping my eyelids, and, I think, at one point what may have been a teeny tiny squeegee on my eyeball although I can neither confirm or deny that.

While I was under the laser I kept feeling like it was some kind of science fiction space thing. A white ring and lots of colourful lights all around. My mom told me that you can't see anything while it's happening, but I saw it all. Lights pointing in my eyes and, I swear, during the actual vision correction, the ever so faint smell of something burning.

And afterwards? Immediately afterwards I could see clearer. Everything was still pretty fuzzy but I could see better than ever before and as the day progressed it just got better and better. That said, I spend a good portion of the day with my eyes closed, laying on my bed listening to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone audioboook. It was the best idea ever.

I knew that I'd need to rest my eyes for the rest of the day so I'd been trying to pick out a book I wanted from the library. When technology baffled me (you need what program to download them from the library and why isn't it working?) I went for the Harry Potter courtesy of a friend and it was perfect. I'd taken the Ativan they offered me before my procedure, not because I was nervous so much as because I was terrified that I'd be so relaxed I'd do a full body twitch while under the laser. Which probably wouldn't be good.

The Ativan was fantastic. Even though I'd slept really well the night before, I spent nearly the whole day zoning in and out of Harry Potter and, minus one small break to buy candy for dinner, did that until just before ten pm. It was awesome. And I even slept well that night, oddly enough.

Being able to see is great. Obviously my eyes are still healing and there a lot of restrictions on what I can and cannot do (no eye makeup, no swimming, and I have to tape eye shields to my face when I'm sleeping, among others). I also have some really awesome looking red marks in my eyes.

But yep, I have laser eyes. And they're awesome.

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