March 06, 2012

Into the nitty gritty.

Get ready. This is sure to be a whirlwind of random. My brain isn't feeling very structured at the moment and there's a lot going on up there that's taking power which could be diverted towards better organization and coherent thought separation.

I'd like to start off by letting you know that the shoes I'm wearing are leather and wool and I got them for less than $5 this weekend, brand new. I love me a stellar deal. The fact that my toes are starting to go numb could be due to any number of factors, but I'm confident it won't be a lasting issue. First of all, leather stretches and the toes are leather. Second, I've got an insole in them which is clearly taking up some circulation space. Easily removed. Third, I just walked to the grocery store in the freezing cold in flats. Fourth, and finally, a little numbness doesn't hurt anyone when they sit at their desk all day. It's like taking Cepacol. How is having a numb mouth not fun? Anyway, the insoles are out now.

I would also like to follow up on a previous post I wrote about conflict a couple weeks ago. At the time I was freaking out about my old boss still having my photo up on her website. I have an update on that front and guess what? It's still there. Shortly after writing that post I got sick, or maybe just more sick. The whole issue went to the back of my mind and I realized that I just need to chill out a bit. Thinking about it too much still kind of stresses me out but at the moment I just don't want to waste my energy dealing with a crazy person. I'm happy where I'm at right now so I'll just leave it for the moment. If my photo is still up in a year I might have another freak out but I'll play it by ear until then.

I don't have the energy to spare on a confrontation with something in my past, even though I swore I did. Actually, I exerted all my energy on the other confrontation I swore I wouldn't. How ironic. Even though it felt like the right thing to do my predictions were pretty much spot on. Things could get better or things could get worse. The irony, of course, is that things could also stay the same. Exactly the same. That's probably worse, for me at least. Anyway, I decided a long long time ago that I wouldn't let myself deal with regrets so I won't.  It is what it is and I think the beauty of being an adult is that I just really don't care. Teenagers are so emotional but adults are so much more level headed (most of the time, of course).

Moving on. Today is beyond gorgeous. The sun is out, the sky is blue, and I even wore a lighter jacket today. That may or may not have been the right choice. I've been thinking about my sandals, too. Obviously 6 degrees is a little cold for them, but in three weeks I'll be rocking the tanks, shorts, and flip flops. I hope Disneyland lets me come home golden brown like a properly roasted marshmallow. It was 34 there on Sunday but thankfully that isn't the norm. I'm hoping for low or mid twenty-somethings.

In preparation for the big Disney trip I'm trying to get healthy ASAP. Karl and I are making sure to take lots of echinacea and vitamin C to get ready for about 40 collective hours on the road in seven days. I've got a doctor's appointment in less than an hour and hopefully he'll give the magic cure to stop coughing, hacking, choking, dying. I made the appointment yesterday after another partial night on the couch but now I'm starting to feel better. I'm so over Halls, Ricola, daytime/nightime cold and flu tablets, cough syrup with and without codeine, and, most of all, NyQuil. That stuff makes me gag and only lets me sleep until 3. Thankfully I'm only into the cough aids and have been stubbornly avoiding cough syrup since Saturday or Sunday. There's no other way I'd rather spend my lunch hour than twiddling my thumbs in the doctor's office.

I will leave this assortment of randomness with a note that I am no longer the new guy in the office. I'm moving up!

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