February 28, 2012

I am better.

Work was pretty busy for me for a few days. I was helping out with website content (ie copying and pasting) which was definitely a time filler. Last week I also enjoyed a few moments of staring into space. It just felt so right.

After all my ranting about being sick last week I'm feeling much better. Last night I actually spent the entire night in my own bed and didn't get kicked out or once cough enough to wake up the grumpy bear. And Karl slept well too (haha). It's amazing the feeling of getting better. I've had a few of them in the past week as I went from really sick to sick to less sick to hardly sick at all. Everyone is glorious in itself. I can tell I'm back to normal, aside from my little cough, because I'm waking up in the morning no longer indifferent (which was weird because you'd think when you're sick that you'd need more sleep but apparently my body could function on less) and I actually feel hungry at meal times instead of just dutiful. Hurray!

The nice thing about being tired more often is that I can appreciate sleeping time more than ever. When I was sick I knew I was tired but I didn't feel the love for my bed (or the couch) that I do now. My sleeping time is special once again. And this is wonderful.

So, as I've mentioned before, it's Roll Up time. It's amazing the amount of love people are giving roll up on Facebook and in my everyday interactions with them. I knew it was glorious but I forgot that everyone thinks so too. I might be over exaggerating a little, but not much. So in case you're wondering I'm 0 for 5. This is a bad year for me. I've even had a couple mediums to try and amp up my odds of winning. And? Nothing.

I was reading an article in the National Post today and found some really disturbing information in it. Apparently in Toronto you can get a large Tim Hortons coffee for $1.57. Whether that includes tax or not isn't really relevant since if you factor in 13% HST on top of that you only get $1.77. In Victoria I pay $1.50 for my small steeped tea (same price as coffee) and $1.78 for my medium. That's including HST. Even if you account for the fact that the journalist may have forgotten that the "large" he's talking about could possibly be a medium (maybe he's living in the past) that's still cheaper than here. By a penny which, as you know, can really add up. You should also keep in mind that Ontario's HST is 1% higher than ours here in British Columbia. If our coffee was $1.57 before tax we'd be paying $1.76 for that coffee, not $1.78. Is there no justice in the world? I heard that everything was more expensive in Toronto!

I say we riot, now that I'm feeling up for it.


  1. HaHa the timmy hos riots of 2012 love it may not go down in history like the Boston Tea party but hey we're Canadian EH

  2. Exactly! Let's make our mark on history.


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